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  1. Dogs are allowed in the park but owners must pick up their dog's poo. Dogs are permitted in play areas. If the couple come into the park regularly with their dogs regulary and dont pick up, you can report it to the council on 0114 2734567.
  2. I have one I was trying to sell for a small price as I've upgraded mine. Its fairly big. Very secure. I could try and find a simlar one on the internet to show you. PM me is you want photos. I would probably want around £25 for it. Could deliver if you needed it.
  3. I have 3 bin bags full of sheets / blankets for the pound. I live at walkley if someone could take it to the pound sometime. No rush. I can leave it outside for collection.
  4. Sorry meant to post before. The cat seemed to have gone from the tree on Monday morning, when we arrived at work. Noone in the Centre was aware that the RSPCA or fire brigade had attended on Sunday. I saw a cat this monring on the ground, in the car park which looked very similar and healthy - I'm hoping it was the same one. Thanks for all your help and good wishes.
  5. What size are the lurchers? I may have a couple of fleece coats.
  6. Hi This shredded paper is still available. We are open this weekend 10am - 4pm.
  7. RSPCA have visited and want to be updated in the morning. She said there ladder won't reach anyway.
  8. I imagine if it starved to death it would fall out of the tree. We could pay a tree surgeon but its not our cat and we can't find the owner. I was just trying to reduce suffering as fireworks will be set off left right and centre this evening. It is def. black and white - no other colour. I've just put some hot tuna out but doubt it can smell it 30 ft up the tree.
  9. We have a black and white cat stuck up a tree in Norfolk Heritage Park. We think it has been there for at least 2 days. If anyone knows who the owner might be please let us know. The tree is massive and our ladders don't reach anywhere near it. Any advice on how to get it down - much appreciated - with bonfire night upon us etc. Fire brigade don't deal with cats anymore. thanks, Claire
  10. You are very welcome to collect it we open 8.30am while 9pm today. I'm sure you can fit quite a bit in if you squash it down. If you want any details how to get here call Centre in the Park on : 0114 2860400
  11. Hi Just to say that we still have 10 bin bags of shredded paper available at Centre in the Park, Norfolk Heritage Park, for collection, if anyone wants it. Its the long shredded stuff, not cross cut. thanks, Claire
  12. We have 10 bin bags of shredded paper ready for collection at Centre in the Park, Norfolk Heritage Park - if you want it??
  13. Anyone want some shredded paper ?? 4 black bags full available for collection from Norfolk Heritage Park, S2. thanks, Claire
  14. Sheffield Fayre, 28-29 August 2011 - running order Timetable of historical displays Time Display or activity Performers 10.30am Sheffield Fayre opens, living history commences All 11.30am American Civil War parades The American Civil War Society Noon Roman soldiers Legio VIII MGV 12.30 Medieval archery and shooting a Trebuchet The Boden Retinue, King Edwards’ Living History Group and the Laxton Archers 1pm American Civil War artillery display The American Civil War Society 1.30pm WWII Eastern Front Skirmish The Northern WWII Association 2pm Firepower through the ages The Company of Ordinance 2.30pm An American Civil War Battle – spectacular action from 1861-65 The American Civil War Society 3.10pm End of ACWS battle, followed by mass musket firings. The American Civil War Society 3.20pm Soldiers’ drill for children – have a go at marching and carrying a “musket”! The American Civil War Society 3.50pm WWII battle The Northern WWII Association 4.15pm Parade of all participants from Romans to WWII. All participating groups 4.25pm Piper’s lament, Last Post, a minute’s silence for our fallen service personnel and civilians, past and present, Reveille, mass cannonade & volley. All participating groups 5.30pm Living history displays and Sheffield Fayre close.
  15. As last year we don't have space for an arena area this year, so no they won't be attending. I think they were at the family funday in July instead. sorry.
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