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  1. I lived at number 40 downham rd, salisburys, my friend lived at no 30 Davies's xx
  2. I will be voting ukip and to be honest anyone that wants to cut down on immigration is classed as a racist anyway
  3. Sorry mafia my mistake. ---------- Post added 20-06-2013 at 18:08 ---------- I totally agree with you thay just dump fridges and washes or other rubbish all over the pavements. My sister in law lives on pople street and I don't know how she stands it there
  4. Anyone else think its wrong that pagehall is getting more money spent on it to clean it up. I know it looks like a tip on some roads but not that long ago thay all got new roofs and some got new drives and walling put up. I think there is worse parts than pagehall that need money ---------- Post added 20-06-2013 at 17:38 ---------- http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/sheffield-council-targets-area-for-clean-up-1-5784830
  5. I cant see a problem 3 men said to be Asian hanging round schools parents should know about this. If it said 3 white men hanging round schools there would not be this fuss
  6. This is the trouble with the country now. Too many people shouting racist if you object or don't like
  7. Well said but were wasting our time thay never do anything wrong
  8. I know mate that's what making the british people sorry some british people mad. We are not allwed to voice our opinions too loud for fear of upsetting people
  9. We will see in next few days who is right. He is not going to stick his head out for nothing
  10. Do you think so. I don't its gone very quiet about it ---------- Post added 08-06-2013 at 21:31 ---------- There not going to be in a rush to tell the public
  11. ---------- Post added 08-06-2013 at 21:26 ---------- Here is were I saw it
  12. And what about every one running about pointing the finger at edl for that mosque fire in London. And when it comes down its a muslim that started the fire and as been arrested ---------- Post added 08-06-2013 at 21:13 ---------- Are deaf and blind have you not seen and heard
  13. No its not iliegal but I know from other media posts that people are fed up with the Islamic religion and and imigrants in this country
  14. No but cant see bnp being any worse than the the bunch of monkeys that are in government now ---------- Post added 08-06-2013 at 20:50 ---------- This forum should have a like button ---------- Post added 08-06-2013 at 20:52 ---------- I cant put it on here or thay will close the thread again
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