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  1. Hi , yes sorry it is Gleadless road please could the mods alter it for me. My husdand and myself were so shocked as we passed i got the road wrong Sorry.
  2. Hi, just come past, road blocked with emergancy services looked liked someone knocked down. Ambulance men pumping someones chest on grass at side of road as we came passed medical team looked liked they gave in and walked away ,it doesent look good hoping the person involved is ok
  3. No i have not been told to shut up or anything like that at all.
  4. Hi everyone, the manager of city taxis phoned me this afternoon and he was very nice about everything.He is phoning me back tomorrow as there is still a couple of things he needs to sort out. Ifeel it wouldn't be right to comment further until this is resolved. As soon as everything is sorted out i will let you all know what happened.
  5. We're still waiting for the manager of city taxis to ring us back. They driver was rude to us and as soon as we had got the pram out of the boot he drove off.
  6. Can i just say to the people who haven't read all the posts, we were at a 70th birthday party in a PRIVATE function room with all the family, people who are having a go about having a two year old out at nine oclock can i ask what you have all done when you've attended family parties /weddings etc? do you ban your kids from going cos it might be to late for them to be out? Its not as if were taking our grandchildren out every night its a one off.
  7. Hi, im the person it happened to not the person u quoted. We knew and had no objection to paying for the car valeting. We are upset because we were dumped on city road with two small children. i think you have mixed my post up with someone elses. we never had a driver by is neck or whatever, just thought i would make that clear.
  8. Hi i phoned my son (childrens father) he set off from near crystal peaks to get us but our other son who was closer picked us up halfway down Park Grange road, we had to set off walking to keep the kids warm instead of being stood about.
  9. thanks, i just wanted people to be aware in case this happens to them, i feel like i'm in a court being sentenced about the times a two year old should be out.At the end of the day everyone has a family party/wedding to go to and everyone takes their kids, i feel like i've done something wrong by taking our two grandchildren to a private gathering.
  10. Hi,dont drink strongbow,only couple of carling, when we have the grand childen, dont agree with drink benders when you've got kids to look after.Didn't take coats because we were going door to door in taxis.
  11. Also, the fifty pound paid is for valeting, we knew and had no objection to paying.The taxi driver would have been out of service for a couple of hours, the sick was already in the car so what would a bit more have done,the manager at city taxis as also said the driver knows the rules and should always take a sick child to its destination.
  12. The party started at 7.30 onwards, we got there about quarter to eight, our grandaughter had not eaten anything at the party, she was running aroung happy as could be. My grandson felt ill so we got a taxi,it was the two year old who was sick. Today their parents said they must have had a bit of a bug.How does anyone know if a child as young as two is starting with a bug? As for it been late at just gone nine on a saturday night i think thats crap. If you had a family wedding /party etc do you not take your kids/
  13. We went to a private 70th birthday party in the function room,and all the family got together and yes there was children there, we were not in a pub club or anything like that we were at a private party, do you not have private family parties? Also it was 21.09 when we phoned for taxi to take us home, thats not late.
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