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  1. Whats wrong with three stars, most places in Sheffield have three stars.
  2. There are alot of people complaining on here. Alot of people saying they would hit back. Maybe even enough people for a viglante group.
  3. Yeah, i like the way people cross the road infront of cars as though if they get hit the car will bounce off them. Maybe we should test this theory by plowing down the sidewalk infront of players on Friday and Saturday nights. That should clean the gene pool up a bit.
  4. Most of them are students. I guess even after university they still cant get enough of robbing you. I am under the understanding that they get paid quite a substantial amount for harassing people in the street. I wonder where that money comes from? I cannot count the times i have heard, "that is the difference with our charity, all the money goes to the cause" To which i reply, "All the money except the cost of the logo design, clipboard, pen, television advert and your dubious get-up"
  5. I went a couple of months back. Food was great, the only thing i did not like was the woody herbs stuck in everything as a garnish. Everyone seems to be doing that, such a waste.
  6. I can tell your fortune. You are about to waste your money. Spooky
  7. I am currently looking for musicians to form a band with. Guitarist Drummer Keyboardist/synths/samplers etc http://www.myspace.com/thelastgreatnothing Material is at the address above Influences god is an astronaut, rammstein, The Birthday massacre etc Sorry for being brief, hate it when people plug themselves or give long boring pieces about how great and new and "next" they are hence the band name. PM me or contact on myspace. Thanyou very much
  8. I went in a while ago and my girlfriend had a burger. I was not hungry so i just had a taste of hers. I pomptly went back to the bar to order one for myself as it was delicious. Unfortunatly service had been called, i was gutted. Will be back soon though.
  9. well, if they are millionaires they are not spending their money there. Recently heard they went out of business owiong £300,000 to creditors. They re-opened under a different company name. That's what i heard anyway. I used to have a drink there now and again. Everyone in their was <removed> and really patronising. The staff were nice though.
  10. To whose budget does this apply exactly? Here is a better list.. Old House Fat Cat Devonshire cat Milestone aagrah Rutland Arms Henrys Harlequinn All sell, great home cooked food and drinks at reasonable prices.
  11. The rutland arms on brown street has an acoustic night every monday night
  12. Ive always had big portions from the pastry chef at the wig. i could barly fit it all in!
  13. Is anywhere in Sheffield not being taken over by wetherspoons?
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