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  1. angel is watchable and lisa is ok she will keep the arguments going thats what i like about her, halfwit is so funny keep him in but not to win just to watch
  2. I just want to shake noirin and tell her to grow up and as for shree well he is the biggest drama queen of all and marcus well the less said the better,angel is growing on me not sure about her yet
  3. god knows what marcus is making but she will hate it, shree, marcus and noirin out!!!!
  4. I agree with you I hate Noirin,attention seeking or what
  5. well have a good time don`t stay up late lol
  6. well i had a great time just got back me and daughter r tired, there was a lot for the kids which i was pleased about
  7. thanks for that, hope the weather stays nice
  8. anyone know what buses go to encliffe park tommorow from town
  9. thanks for that bit about being old but still can`t go daughter is only 7 and no babysitter
  10. I`m only going to the day bit me to old as well and have daughter to look after,us single mums we lead busy lives
  11. thanks I will give them a ring today, daughter wants a gecko going to inquire about it
  12. I meant the lizard lounge,sorry
  13. does the lizard have geckos foe sale.or have they a telephone number so I can ring them I find out for myself
  14. I hit when Dr Who music came on,that was scary
  15. my daughter spoils her cat she treats it like her little girl and sends it to her room if she scrahes her, my daughter is only 7 bless her
  16. It hasn`t put me off,its a very additive programme
  17. good looking isn`t he ha ha
  18. I know once its starts thats it I`m hocked
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