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  1. Hi all does anybody know anyone that repairs frames and springs on settees? Mine is only 2 years old and would like to save it.
  2. Reason for Rehome / Sale, personal circumstances Time Scale – How Urgent? very urgent Sale Amount ,free to a good home Has the Dog been in Rescue ,no born to my other dog Location, sheffield 8 Age & Sex, female 9 month Breed/ Mix, mixed breed/part staffordshire bull terrier KC Registered, no Approximate size, medium Exercise, Needed twice a day has been adequate enough Neutered & Micro chipped, microchipped,not been neutered till end of first season Vaccinated & Wormed, up to date vaccines and wormed Live in / out, inside Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals, does live with another dog at the minute Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues, none Temperament, very good Good or Bad with Children, loves kids always wants to lick and fussed Dislike of Men or Women,likes everybody OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals, not sure on cats but yes for other dogs Travel OK in Car, yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time, quite a while she sleeps or plays with her toys Destructive Behaviour, no Barks, only if she hears something Pull on the lead, no only if she sees something Crate trained, yes Housetrained yes General Information you can share about the Dog.this puppy is like i said very good with kids and loves her fusses her toys and going for walks,likes to sit when in house with a toy or a bone then sleep and play some more,she is a bit scared of cars but nothing major.
  3. I have 2 dogs and they normally get on but of late they are fighting with each other and its very nasty,I am unable to separate them, I fear for them and me which could cause injuries.does anyone know where I could take her or anybody wants her she is a 9 month old cross breed.she's good with kids I have 3 myself she is giddy as puppy is but at the minute I just don't think she can get on with other dogs.any help would be appreciated:)
  4. Google local scrap yards if you accept their price they will pick it up take it away and you need to fill the part in on your log book
  5. People who get on a bus and then decide to look for their money or pass,you know your waiting for a bus why not look then instead of holding us all up trying to get to our destination.that winds me right up!
  6. Hollywood bowl have a machine what changes notes to coins.
  7. A woman in town today asked my 2 sons for 22p for her bus fare leaving them quite bewildered as to what to do
  8. No didn't fall for it.how stupid of me to think I could get a sensible answer to a reasonable question
  9. No I pass throughout there going to work I shall have a nosy thanks ---------- Post added 11-05-2015 at 17:33 ---------- Can't seem to find it on Google whereabouts is it?
  10. Does anybody know if there is any nice sandwich shops similar to what the greedy goose at Greenhill used to do?such a shame it had to close their food was so nice!
  11. The Rutland hotel near the Hallamshire hospital has a Jacuzzi in the room in one of their suites.but unfortunately are pricey.or Brampton manor in centerfield has a hot tub at 7.50 for the day.
  12. Just wanted to add about mondos motor care they are a excellent couple and couldn't be more happy with your work and time spent on it.I thoroughly recommend you to anybody wanting work done.
  13. For the school jumpers there is a stall in crystal peaks with most school logos.and for trousers and polo shirts I've found morrisons good quality and quite cheap.
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