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  1. Try hotels and B&B's outside the city center which are on the tram route and give you more options, Hillsborough may be an area to look at, tram from train station and also to the arena. Great area for food and shopping.
  2. I would like a duel fuel fire, one that heats water and central heating. Anyone have any ideas on costs and who is the best installer.
  3. I decided not to go on the day it was opening and I think I made the right decision judging from the previous comments. I went in yesterday and was pleasantly suprised, I was helped around the store by a young woman called Danielle who even managed to explain the complexities of the Tesco voucher scheme. Of course there will be teething problems, it only opened on Monday! My only critism is that the meat on the Halal counter seem to be quite expensive compared to the shops on Spital Hill.
  4. I called into Barnet's on Herries road yesterday morning at 9am, and asked for a dry trim, the Hairdresser said she couldn't fit me in then because she was expecting someone to come in for a full colour. How long does it take for a dry trim?
  5. What a Brilliant thread, I wish there was an 'agree' or 'thankyou' button, because some of the posts certainly need recognition. Having worked for the council for nearly twenty years before I resigned, I have lots of simpathy for those that work in the council, many of the managers are not capable, and if not for the lower wage earners who actually put in more time and effort, the council would grind to a holt. There are also those that 'swing the lead', taking advantage of the systems within the council, it's not unheard of for some people to be off sick for six months, come back to work, build up their time then go off sick again, and it's almost impossible to get rid of those people. But a word of caution, I was on strile for many months back in the Ninties, big mistake, it gave the council carte blanc to cut many services, and we never recovered those services even though it cost the tax payers more for the repercussions of those 'disappeared' services, especially when thinking of Mental Heath provision and others.
  6. Thank you for your suggestion, but I like eating out and also enjoy the odd takeaway. I think for many people who work long hours, takeaways and drive thru's are a good way of eating without the fuss of cooking. I agree the best way to eat is to have your food at home, cooked with fresh ingrediants, but this isn't always possible. Many people now work in the 'service' industry, our lifestyles have changed, and our expectations are completely different to how and where we eat. Maybe not such a good thing but who's to judge.
  7. KFC's in Jamaica are absolutly fantastic, they offer six different flavours of chicken, creamy mash, American biscuits and Rice & Pea's. And the shops are very clean.
  8. The best pizza's ever, totally delish, and they do charcoal grills........Kebabworld on Crookes Road. I would recommend the charcoal grill kebabs...................lip smacking.
  9. The KFC on Penistone Road is a nightmare, I've yet to receive all that I've asked for, and who wants to trail it all back when the order's wrong. We went in at Christmas and it was disgusting, tables full of left over food, bins overflowing and the floor was filthy, the guy on the counter told us they were short staffed................................you have to apply on line for anyone interested.
  10. This thread is really quite funny, I wish we had a laugh/agree thingy, that we could press when someone writes a funny or writes something profound.
  11. I am looking forward to seeing Dr Zakir Naik, I have enjoyed his lectures via the net for many years, he was a student of Ahmet Deedat, who in my humble opinion was the most elequent speaker on bothe the Qu'ran and the Bible. Zakir Naik is most definately qualified to speak at a large venue, he has memorised both the Qu'ran and the Bible, understands and speaks Hebrew, Greek and other languages. He calls for a greater understanding and acceptance between faiths, and talks about the simularities between Christians and Muslims, rather than the differences, but he is quite hard on us as Muslims, that we should follow our faith more diligently. I think this is where the statements that have been attributed to him have come from, they have been taken out of context, or completely fabricated. To write 'Zakir Naik - "Jihadist Preacher', is very provocative, this man has never advocated violence, and for those of us who have followed his teachings, this is very unworthy of a tolerant free-thinking society. I may not agree with everything that he says, in much the same way as some Catholics have issue with what the Pope says, but I certainly wouldn't be disrespecful, in terms of how he looks, or of other Catholics. Dr Zakir's message is that of coming together, not what divides us, and that is why some of you have been invited by your Muslims friends and neighbours, they wouldn't do so if they thought that you would be insulted by what he would say. Not everything that is reported in the media is accurate, or responsible reporting, much more to do with grabbing a front line.
  12. I think that the house was bequeathed to the Sheffield City Council and was to be used by the community, it was a Children's residential unit before it closed and was sold by the council. It is an absolute disgrace that the house has been left in such a state and shows the level at which the council show total disregruard for the area. The house should either be taken back by the council and reopened for its intended purpose, that is; whatever the area needs, or put back on the market.
  13. Sorry, we dined at your restaurant and we certainly wouldn't recommend it.
  14. If you think its pointless, don't reply, 'simples'. Obviously I don't think my opinnion will carry any weight in regards to the council or the planners, but I can see what is happening and if I choose to comment then I will. Sheffield City Centre no longer has any soul, just empty blocks of concrete, and if you call that "doing the job", you need to raise your expectations.
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