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  1. According to my wife the old wooden building used as a Sunday School was on the left hand side of Charnock Hall Road at the top of the hill. John Frost was the Sunday School teacher from Elim Pentecostal Church. Chris.
  2. Eyup Zakes,thank for the reply. Aye,I knew Marcus very well and his sons.One of them went to live in Cornwall,think it was Chris. Marcus drove for Wm. Bradbury on Surbiton St Attercliffe but you are right in saying most of his work was out of Flathers,his 8-legger Scammell WWJ 761G was either parked outside that chapel opposite t'Lion or ont Lion car park. I supped int Lion for years being a driver myself,for C H Preston Woodburn Road,Naylor and Wagstaffe int market and 10 years for A E Evans tankers on Cricket Inn Road. My wagon was very often parked next to Marcus and very often I had booked off miles away on me log sheets and books.I had some happy times int Lion,a lot of drivers went in there,Robert Earls,Falkland Road Services,Turners of Totley and we all burnt some diesel. Marcus,Albert Roper (another A E Evans driver) and mesen went int Carlton Club one saturday night and supped nowt else but bottled Guinness,filled all table,top and underneath wi empty bottles and kept telling glass collector to bugger off,nearly got barred. Long time ago all this,I started going int Lion in 1960 when int RAF and courting a lass off Carterhall Road - we are still together - and last time I was in there was 1989,then moved to Crookes.Live int Isle of Man now but still got good memories of Gleadless. The name Costello rings a bell and I think he ended up working on palletized bricks for a firm near Huddersfield,not 100% sure though. Do you still go int Old Harrow,I've read about your times in there. Just remembered. There was a bloke who went int Lion called Jack Skelton,he was an electrician at Whitbreads in town. Chris
  3. That badge would be the Fellowship - an ex servicemans association. I used to be a member,met int Centre Spot on Basegreen every other Tuesday IIRC Dawn. Chris
  4. Would that be George Cowen John? I remember a George Cowen with green Albion Reivers but they were on Carrfield Road,Heeley Green,that was in late 60s. Chris ---------- Post added 24-02-2014 at 18:06 ---------- There was a Don Morton worked for A E Evans same time as me,1970,lived up Oughtibridge way,going bald,looked like Pink Panther. Chris
  5. I knew you'd know me old pal. I didn't know anybody at Richmond Road Garage.
  6. I think this is the only picture of a Richmond Road Garage wagon I've got...................................... I remember them running Albion Reivers int 60s. Chris ---------- Post added 08-02-2014 at 21:13 ---------- Sorry,found this one as well. Chris
  7. The last time I went over Woodhead from Sheffield was when I was on tanker work,about April 1994,and it hadn't been built then. Chris.
  8. You mean R H Kitchen? They had a yard near Gleadless Church int 60s and 70s then moved to East End somewhere when they got a lot of work off River Don works. Chris
  9. :hihi: You are spot on errrrrr "phantom". Merry Xmas by the way.
  10. I worked for C H Preston on Woodburn Road 1968/9 and we had a couple of Albion Clydesdales ex Caudles,one was 552 DWJ,think the other was 15 EWA. They had Servis Time Recorders at back of cab when Caudles had them. Prestons,Caudles,Mills and loads of others were in a group called DMS - Direct Motor Services - later Sheffield Storage and Haulage with a yard on Petre Street.All the work was shared out, a lot out of SPT and Firth Browns. Chris
  11. I'm not sure but I seem to remember Walter Fox made pallets. I did a load of new ones up to ICI at Wilton.
  12. I remember Jimmy Childs well,he ran a lot of AECs and I was an AEC driver for A E Evans tankers on Cricket Inn Road. I've searched in vain for a Childs AEC but I can only find this,a 1954 reg'd Albion.I can't find any photos of Harry Hodge's wagons either. Chris
  13. "Exit signs are ont way out" was another.
  14. Sportsman on Cambridge Street had tiled graffiti int bogs. "If Typhoo put the tea in Britain,who put the c**t in Scunthorpe".
  15. "Ducky" Sylvester lived two doors up from me in Froggatt village Derbyshire in 40s and 50s. I'd be about 8 or 9 when he gave me an old golf club and some golf balls to play with. I was playing about in an adjacent field and promptly hit a ball which went straight through his front window. The golf club and balls were confiscated..........................
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