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  1. The worst pub has to be the bassett on cowper avenue in fox hill.
  2. hahaha, my first job was a saturday lad at wilko's in hillsborough back in 1990. I was on £1.88 an hour. God when I look back it makes me laugh, that job was fantastic, I loved it.
  3. the external monitor looks like the most viable option. Would it connect to my existing laptop via usb connector?
  4. Hi there, I have a dell laptop that has sustained quite a bit of screen damage, so much so that nothing is visible on the screen. I was wondering if there is a way that I could connect it to my other laptop so I can drag the files off it. There are about 1000 photos on from family holidays and the like that I need to recover. I was also wondering if there is a way I could use the broken one as an external drive as the memory on my current laptop is full due to having nearly 6000 tracks on my iTunes. I would like to free up all the memory on my working laptop and transfer all my files to the one that is broken. Any ideas???
  5. just finished deception point by Dan Brown, and recently Angels and Demons. Brought the DVD last night and must say as good as the film was, the book was much better. Buying The lost symbol this week, lookin forward to reading that.
  6. grant and lochlin used to be the best on the morning show in the 90's. Does anyone remember the totally rigged gameshow? Personally though, I think hallam on a morning is brill!
  7. Sue Pollard kissed me on the cheek back in about 1994 when she made a TV advert for a Wilkinsons. I also met Hilda Ogden in Wilkinsons in Southport when I worked there.
  8. hey karis, go with your gut instinct and ignore saxondale. Most large AMERICAN up their own arse companies like to bragg about their status and reputation, even if it does come across as condescending and arrogant. They haven't quite got the international communication skills all there as we British have. Reading between the lines, I can see their message loud and clear, it seems to be one of reassurance but the words are coming across wrong. Hope everything is going good for you, god it seems like an age since I last posted on the forum.
  9. LOL......Im liking that post, and would totally agree with you on that one.
  10. Best thing to do would probably be apply for a credit card, use it and pay it off every month. This will boost your credit rating. Also, if you have a mobile phone on contract, this should help aswell. Presuming that you are able to get some kind of credit. If it's only 1 default and you have had no other credit, some companies will take a risk on this.
  11. Just thought I would post this and give you all a giggle. I thought this story was very VERY amusing.... http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?Naked_man_rescued_from_clothes_dryer&in_article_id=690203&in_page_id=2
  12. try 119 instead of 2202020....
  13. If it has dried you probably have no chance of getting it out. The dry cleaners may be able to do something with it but don't try and wash it because this compound the problem. If you had managed to get it whilst it was stll wet, white spirit scrub followed by neat washing up liquid would have got it out. White spirit only works on wet gloss.
  14. Just posting out of concern matey thats all....
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