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  1. To be honest, I find disability BADGE misuse far more irritating than disability BAY misuse. Or is that not very PC?
  2. Those recycling trucks have seperate compartments for different waste. And they don't tip at the incinerator. Hope that helps.
  3. His real name was Eidar Steffarsson (aka Rat Vendor) He was Icelandic. A top bloke.
  4. A petrol bomb was thrown in through the window. Fortunately, someone drank it before it went off.
  5. Don't set off. You'll be a week early.
  6. Twin Oaks is April to October. Dread to think how much admission will be this year. And as for having the back of your hand stamped to nip out to the toilets... Words fail me.
  7. Helen Sharman dropping the Olympic torch and setting the carpet on fire, pretty much sums the whole thing up for me.
  8. Glad to see the back of the old Ben Mitchell. Wanna see the back of the new Ben Mitchell. Where the hell do they find 'em?
  9. Mine works fine with a loft ariel. Have you re-scanned your tv/freeview box? You usually have to,when you fit a new ariel.
  10. It'll most likely be the EAC (electronic accelerator control) It's a VERY common fault on 1.4 Fusions, and would give all those symptoms described. You need to get it plugged into a diagnostic machine.
  11. Your matrix will be leaking. There'd be no other reason to by-pass it.
  12. Check this out You can't go wrong. (Famous last words)
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