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  1. Hi I'm doing research for collage and I need all the history of firth park and jordanthope for part of my course so if anyone knows about history in the areas that I'm looking for please leave a comment below thanks inadvance
  2. Obvs but u really thing im goinf to ride a crosser on the roads think again
  3. Anyone know of any where to ride motobikes around sheffield near s8 area any info would be grate thanks
  4. Hi I have been metal detecting now for just over a year and have had some really good finds and I am now lookin for some new land to metal detect on so if any farmers etc have any land that I could scan on would be grate I will agree to split the finds 50/50 and I will cover up all holes I did I shall respect ur land thanks for looking
  5. Hi anybody know if there is any viking settle ments in Sheffield or any roman remains? Part of a project
  6. Wow sounds like I'll have to take a trip down and have a look
  7. What is happing with all the police around batemoor and jordanthope the dog van is out nd every thing anyone know what's goin off they been about now for a good hour or so
  8. The best place to get a metal detector from from or a second hand one from and where to go with one any idea's??????
  9. Hi, I am wanting to know exactly what id do i need to send of so i can get my provisional drivers licence? I don't have a passport so thats out of the queston, so is there anything else suitable? need help asap!
  10. That's for them to choose not me and if I found that I'd just run a mile mod make shire I'm safe lol
  11. And that's why we fill the holes back in after we dug one
  12. I know but that's the point you would not know hats under there until you dig it out its A good hobby
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