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  1. Micheal Spencer in Orchard square is excellent as a working jeweller... it's a small workshop up the stairs (nr the clocktower) in Orchard Square xxx
  2. The difference between Australia and Britain is that they look after their own...here however, we look after anyone from the EU (or anywhere else), and not our own! My friend couldn't get a grant to go to Uni as she was classed as a dependant, as she was under 25, although she had lived independent of her mother (father deceased) from 17 years old, she worked 3 jobs to live independently and that counted for nothing!
  3. I informed the Police and Insurance company of the theft. I received no help from either of them. I lost over £3000 and couldn't do a thing although I gave all the information to the Police and Insurers. Even though the Police did nothing I thought the insurance would investigate. They investigated me as to why I hadn't changed the lock...it was so easy for them just to find me at fault and not pay on the policy. I was later told if I hadn't been honest with them I would have been paid out.
  4. I have just renewed my policy for the second year with the same company. My son had some problems with his previous employer and they made a bogus claim against him (he was insured for my vehicle)...the day that the claim he had bumped the car he wasn't even using it (he was driving another vehicle at the time) It was in my pocession and certainly had not been bumped in any way...I disputed the claim as bogus and didn't hear anything from Aviva after that. I had a car stolen and as I had 'lost' the key, and didn't change the locks, TESCO insurance didn't pay out. (I knew who had stolen the car...the Police didn't want to know...the Insurance were no help and I wasn't in a position to pursue this on my own...) I didn't disclose a claim when I took out my insurance for the first year, as I had not had a claim and wasn't paid for the loss of the car...didn't class it as a claim. I received an email this morning stating that I have 7 days to produce evidence of NON FAULT...I haven't got a clue where to start. I am upset that this wasn't brought to my attention last year when the initial policy was taken out? It has been a rough 3 years and we were just seeming to turn a corner and get things back on track...and now this. Any advice? Any help
  5. This incident has really distressed me this week...I know I'm not family or anything to do with this man, but to know if he is ok and put my mind at rest would be good.
  6. I assumed that but the ambulance man wouldn't give any information. He had a jacket and a thick jumper on...he was very warm and redfaced. I didn't want to be intrusive and so didn't try to adjust his clothing, so I got a chair and he sat in a shaded area... We got him some water but on the 999 call they told me not to give any liquids or food to the gentleman. I just hope that he is ok and reunited with his family... ---------- Post added 28-07-2014 at 16:55 ---------- My point in this thread is certainly not for me to appear a saint lol but sometimes people do judge in situations like this...and sometimes it's not as it appears... I think if everyone just did a little more to help anyone in need (even if he had been drunk) the world would be a much nicer place...
  7. This morning there was an old fella struggling to walk. He looked a little unkempt and was clinging on to a gate to stand up and he had weed himself. Everyone was laughing saying it was a little early to be in that state. He slid down the gate and sat on the floor, I must admit he was acting as though he were drunk. I was concerned and a colleague and myself went across to check on him...He was a very scared, confused old gentleman, not drunk at all. I phoned an ambulance and fetched him a chair. We stayed with him until the ambulance arrived...I asked if there was any way of getting some information about his wellbeing after been taken to hospital and was told no as I'm not family...He couldn't even tell me his name, as he was so confused... It has really made me think and I'm so glad we offered help...
  8. My son and myself nipped into Eton on Division Street yesterday to buy a few bits, we had both just finished work and were both in our work clothes. The staff are brilliant in there and treat everyone the same. A woman, (I would say lady...but NOT) was ordering some goods...she gave her address and postcode (Dore), she looked us up and down, as though we were something she had stepped in. She was rude with the assistant serving her...she was so arrogant...and then her card was declined for £145 lol, she tried another card and that was declined also. I couldn't help but smile...as I was paying for our goods. So just living in Dore doesn't mean you have money...but manners cost nothing...
  9. £100...He would have got that for peeing in the street!!!!!!!!! Our justice system stinks!!!!!!!!!! There should still be Stocks on Loxley Village Green!!!!!!
  10. Seen the other post 74...this is the update I was looking for. I hope the next update is that Heidi is finally a happy girl, with all the hell behind her, and that the scumbag gets a conviction and is named and shamed!(wouldn't want to be in his shoes when he is!)...
  11. Hi Moonbird I asked if this post could be made a sticky?...I have had no feedback from moderators? The more people this reaches, more information gathered, more likely a conviction...
  12. Sheffield Online posted this last night...they have information and need a contact and incident number. I posted it so they sent me the message. I have sent you my mobile number. Looking very positive...
  13. I have asked Sheffield Online if they will post this. Hopefully they will...and it needs to be kept highlighted until the culprits are caught. I asked if it could be made a sticky yesterday...but nothing as yet. I do understand that this may not be as important as a murder in the city, but the creatures that commit these kind of offences to defenceless animals, usually progress to more barbaric things...
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