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  1. yes used to go in ladys bridge all the time iworked on same shift as grayson and big baz not seen them for many years
  2. i remember chris he worked on racking i was in proccessing i think is son worked on the one of the other shifts
  3. yes i worked with steve stringfellow at millsands heard he left shepcote sometime a go
  4. no not seen anyone for along time moved from sheffield in 2003 i see mark staniland and roger liversey at shepcote when im over delivering at inbev
  5. i worked on proccessing with barry ,ken billy etc
  6. my family are from the cross anyone who lived on milnrow road and holgate road around the 1950,s
  7. anyone work at whitbreads brewery bridge street around 1983-1993
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