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  1. Read through this first.....the invoice you recieved (if from a private parking company) is unenforcable if the following conditions are met!! https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/private-parking-tickets
  2. You're perfectly correct. He made his daughter a director. Works manager was a bloke called Elshaw, he used to walk about the shop floor periodically verbaly abusing, punching and kicking the employees if he thought they were doing wrong......a complete and utter b@@***
  3. The factory was called Standall tools and produced/forged/heat treated construction digging bits, moils, spades, heavy duty "peckers" etc. Was a veritable hell hole with scant regard to H&S. I worked there for about 4 years during the 80s. Yes it was built on the site of the Mickley colliery and one of the shafts provided the company with a place to dump all sorts of rubbish.
  4. Great Idea........I take it you have compelling evidence that would stand up in court
  5. Oh good, another conspiracy theorist! C'mon, let's have the indisputable evidence of your rantings
  6. I'll tell you what is immoral Halibut the over 300 people killed and injured in Paris yesterday. It's quite evident that ISIL have sleepers in all European countries (including ours) even more now that no/little checks have been in force/made over the influx of over a million "refugees":rant:
  7. Question:- How do you know all that if you switch it off? (I assume you switch off the radio and not your electric shock treatment)
  8. Here's a bit of info...it may or may not help but..... http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1426952
  9. For those that say "if you've done the crime you must be prepared to do the time":suspect: UKPC and fraudulent Photographic "Evidence" Private parking company UKPC have finally admitted that some of their wardens have been altering the time stamps on photographs used on their PCNs. This nice little scam meant that they could "prove" that motorists had overstayed the time limit. The company had initially said that all the photos were correct, the time stamps could not be altered, and that the motorist would have to pay up. UKPC have finally admitted that some of their "wardens" have been altering the time stamps on photographs used on their PCNs. The "wardens" have been sacked and the loophole in the software has been closed. This was after the company initially said that all the photos were correct, the time stamps could not be altered, and that the motorist would have to pay up. This story has been featured on the BBC, the Sunday Times and by the Parking Prankster. If anyone suspects that they have been the victim of this sharp practice you should contact PPC, but also the BPA and possibly Trading Standards. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?451774-UKPC-and-Photographic-quot-Evidence-quot-%283-Viewing%29-nbsp
  10. There was a labour government in power...
  11. Regarding the charge that it was Margaret Thatcher who "destroyed" the coal mines and the mining communities. The facts show that far more coal mines closed under the Labour Prime Ministers Harold Wilson and James Callaghan. These are the figures for the sharply declining number of coal mines open each year under those Labour Governments. 1964 545 1965 .. 504 1966 .. 442 1967 .. 406 1968 .. 330 1969 .. 304 1974 .. 250 1975 .. 241 1976 .. 239 1977 .. 231 1978 .. 223 1979 .. 219 These are the figures for the Thatcher years: 1979 .. 219 1980 .. 213 1981 .. 200 1982 .. 191 1983 .. 170 1984 .. 169 1985 .. 133 1986 .. 110 1987 .. 94 1988 .. 86 1989 .. 73 1990 .. 65 The Lord Palmerston blog says: It was the ever-erudite @allanholloway who brought to my attention a few weeks back that more coal mines closed under Harold Wilson’s governments than under Margaret Thatcher’s, and I owe him an apology for not having credited him sooner, given the number of retweets I got for passing that on earlier. Based on these figures from the government about 290 mines closed under Wilson in all his time in office, and about 160 under Thatcher. Because the figures are based on year end totals of pits operating, it’s not possible to be precise, but the relative scale of those numbers is clear. So why isn’t Wilson execrated by the Left for his part in the decline of coal mining? Lets not let facts get in the way of a good old Thatcher bash eh!!!
  12. Works for me:hihi: The Labour party are in complete disarray, they don't know which way to turn. Here's an idea....instead of knocking Conservative policies without coming forwards with any better suggestions, how about working with the government to help make their policies even better.
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