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  1. Sorry didn't realise this. Will re post.
  2. For Sale various knitting machine accessories 7 punch cards, roll of punch card, come, Wright's, wax, knitmaster hole punch, 7 needle adjustable transfer tool, weights. Contact me for individual prices
  3. FREE Bag of various size plant pots for use in greenhouse collect Stannington
  4. I have had a parking ticket for parking at Kilner Way Retail Park, has anybody got any advice on whether I should pay. It through Smart Parking.
  5. Hi patdenise it wont let me send a private message but u am interested in the wool for my mum who belongs to a ladies group in their 80s and knit for charity if its still available. If you want to let me know your email address i can reply to you that way. Thanks
  6. I have got a Lenovo laptop with windows 10. I can use a computer but I would like some lessons on putting photos and videos on and where to find things that have been saved and printing from it. If anyone knows where I can lessons that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi Holly I have sent you a private message regarding your wedding cake
  8. Double knitting wool wanted for ladies group knitting for charities, any double knitting wool, odds and ends anything that you don't want would be great appreciated. Can Collect. Many thanks.
  9. Thank you for your replies. I have got it done at Pinders.
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a spiral put on a calendar that I have made
  11. Yes just the small ones to hang on the tree
  12. Does anyone have a knitting pattern for the mini christmas stockings to put on the tree. Thank you
  13. Wanted double knitting wool to knit blankets for charity. Any odd bits will do. Can collect. Thank you
  14. Does anyone know where I can buy some UPVC to cover my internal wooden window ledges in Sheffield please.
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