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  1. Eh? What's Capello got to do with it? I'm talking about the so-called experts who should really know the game better, rather than trying to make this bigger than it was and saying Ashton would have been at the World Cup, despite having not played for over a year. .. By the way I loved your claim that Ashton is effectively only 23 because he's been out for 3 years!! I literally don't know what means. What does that make Kieron Dyer, about 12!?
  2. Incidentally, has anyone ever seen 'Street Wars' or 'Night Cops' on Sky? It follows the police round city centres at weekends etc, and every episode there is footage of someone urinating in a shop doorway or alley because they're so drunk they don't know where they are. The police just move them on, tell them to go home. One bloke got a £20 fine.
  3. No I'm talking about people in the media especially (including Tony Cottee I recall) specifically saying things like "it's a real shame for England as he would have almost certainly been in the squad."
  4. Whilst it's sad that he has had to retire, I don't get this twist that people are putting on it that it's a shame because he would have been in the World Cup squad? He's only ever once played for England, the World Cup is 6 months away and there is only one more international friendly planned. Ashton's played about 30 Premier League games in the last 3 seasons, and hasn't played at all for over a year; even if he'd got fit and playing again, how on earth would he have made it!?
  5. Eh? Where was I ranting? I'm on the side that thinks this is all ridiculous, I'm not on the ranting side. OK, so the M&S complaints I exampled weren't followed up; I'd not seen that link before, sorry. At the time I read the story it had been stopped pending an investigation because 8 complaints to the ASA had been reported. That's all.
  6. 'Carnage', the promoters, I think tried to absolve themselves of any responsiblity at the time, claiming something like "we can't be liable for the actions of individuals and we don't encourage binge drinking etc". The next event was a few weeks after the incident and they went ahead with it as normal, though I do remember a couple of stories about Sheffield Council and South Yorkshire Police trying to get it banned.
  7. (scratches own head and wonders if people should heed their own advice - after all, my own post was meant to be a joke in the first place!)
  8. This latest comment is a good indicator as to how your tact has changed since the seemingly naive, innocent persona in the OP. I can't help but wonder if you were fully aware of what you were doing from the start and subtly pitched the OP in just the right way in order to coax the reaction that has ensued! After all, starting a thread with "Randy teen wonders if older woman fancies a bit" would have been immediately closed, right?!
  9. After reading the story and this thread (and despairing at how sad some people are) I want to point out that it doesn't have to be funny or offensive. There are people seemingly claiming that because they don't find personally find it funny, then it's therefore automatically offensive and wrong. I don't find it that funny but I don't take offence by it either. Go into a card shop and half the cards could be classed as taking the mickey out of someone and therefore potentially be offensive. Why does this case suddenly get loads of attention? It's a sad state of affairs in this country when a tiny minority of people can deem something offensive and then it becomes so for everyone. The recent M&S Christmas ad was banned for being sexist because eight people complained. Eight. In this case, the cards get pulled and it gets on the news as soon as one person 'takes offence'. Pathetic.
  10. I'm baffled as to the direction of this thread. We had a teenager making a candid confession about his fantasies and merely asking if this was normal (when it is actually so normal with teenagers that it's cliched), then the next thing, he's being given all kinds of offers and set ups! Bet the older blokes on here are scratching their heads!!
  11. I bet he's wishing he'd actually assaulted or even stabbed someone that night, rather than this. Reaction to something like that wouldn't have been one-tenth of what the self-righteous brigade have made this the last few months. Are people really still on this? (sigh)
  12. Whilst it was a good goal, I don't get this claim that it's already unquestionably the goal of the season. It's actually worrying that so many people supposedly in the know about the game are so quick to declare it as such. The skill was in Figueroa's vision and quick thinking; the art of actually kicking the ball into an empty net from the halfway line is pretty easy for Premier League footballers, it's just that usually the keeper isn't far enough out to get it over their head. It's almost infantile that this is 'goal of the season' just because it was in his own half. As I said, the skill was in the vision and awareness, however the goal of the season should have more than just this.
  13. Year after year people still seem to over-analyse the term 'personality'. It doesn't actually mean how much personality someone has .. it's just a PC term to describe the award - as calling it 'Sportsman of the Year' would be sexist, and 'Sportsperson of the Year' sounds odd and doesn't have the same ring to it.
  14. As bazjea said, the main Christmas Market is on Fargate from 10-13 Dec. The small German market which is committed to being there from 22 Nov - 22 Dec is something extra this year.
  15. Well even so, my qualm is with ignorant people on this forum who just blindly lambast teachers, even in this case despite the fact that decisions like this are nothing to do with them. OK, It was supposedly an LEA decision; if not, then it will have been the headteacher. I've already put forward a reason why the school might now have conveniently 'changed their mind'. There is a similar and interesting issue at my partner's (primary) school. One of the parents has given notice that pictures of her 5 year old daughter (who is in the class that my partner teaches) are NOT to be taken. There has been a lot of argument in this thread about what the laws are and whether there is a legal obligation to do as the parents demand. I'm not going to pretend to know what the law is, my point however is that my partner and the other teachers honour this parent's request out of courtesy and respect, regardless of any legal obligation. The only sad thing is that the little girl in question actually loves having her picture taken and so gets very upset that they can't take her picture when the other pupils are for class displays etc.
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