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  1. Has this thread been bumped from 1983? Out of curiosity (and I'm not being ignorant) why would you want to use tapes? Surely CD has more benefits than tape namely cost, quality, ease of production and people will actually listen to it!? Please enlighten me
  2. Tenter St. is leading up to Kwik-Fit from West Bar Police Station. Where's Sleeping Bag Avenue?
  3. I've noticed the police seem to be training for something in Sheffield. Two police riot vans and two motorbikes are doing high speed laps up Tenter St. Any ideas what for? Any high profile visitors due?
  4. I lived in London for a couple of years and the locals made me feel very welcome by reinforcing the point that I was Northern: Northern Scum, Trog, Monkey. This was in jest, but it did get tiresome after a while. Is this racist / offensive? I know a couple of people from Liverpool (or Scousers!), the jokes about loosing hub caps, watch your wallet etc. are always made when they are around. Could you say that about people from other countries without being racist? Personally I think loose those chips, cheer up and have a laugh!
  5. The best way I reckon - folding bike and train! Cycle to the station, fold the bike up, jump on the train, hey presto - 50mins later you're in Manchester (unfortunately!).
  6. Sorry for my ignorance, but what's ABP? And are there any extensions you couldn't live without?
  7. I think this is it: 01709 566000 Got it from here: http://www.isouthyorkshire.com/profile/49440/Rotherham/First/ Hope it's right
  8. Exactly, I don't see what point you're making here. They have chosen to be religous, you have not chosen not to be. Just like they choose to enforce there views on us, we can choose to ignore them. I would even go as far to say you could choose to tell them were to shove their leaflets
  9. Tyranna, did you not read this, and any other previous posts? They do not have a monoploy, check out ofcom to clarify if you still don't believe us. If you, or me, or any one else wanted to start a telephone company - we could. And we could install our own phone lines as well through Openreach.
  10. So you reckon people can't make decision on how to cross a road anymore? 'Look Left, Look Right, Left Again - If all is clear - Cross.' I think I learn't that when I was 5. But you have proved my point: the council (and government) are wanting to take that decision away from us. "It's ok, I don't have to look when I cross roads, I'll use the pedestrian crossing instead". Next time you get to a crossing, don't press the button and you'll notice you can still safely cross the road! (maybe with a little delay, but hey, have a breather for a second!)
  11. Good idea, I reckon that would really help the local economy, therefore increase employment and reduce crime.
  12. Maybe you're right, but from what I've seen it seems to work alright. I'm not saying remove all lights but maybe in certain locations. Also, if people were taught how to drive better i.e. more conscientiously and aware of their surroundings, we wouldn't have to rely on traffic 'contol' in all situations.
  13. I think the majority on here would agree Sheffield's road system is an embarrassment. It would be intersesting to know how you would change it. Here are a few of my ideas: The main problem: it seems the planners have forgotten what roads are for - VEHICLES! Not pedestrians. I would remove at least half of the crossings and give priority back to the traffic. Traffic lights: Have you ever noticed how the traffic seems to flow quite nicely when the traffic lights stop working? Bus Lanes: I admit, some are good. The only reason for this though is the council have manufactured bottle necks (i.e. in Broomhill) forcing people onto expensive busses. One Way roads and blocked roads: As mentioned above, council made to force people off the roads.
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