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  1. As above, and i've seen the thread mentioning G-Tech but that appears to be closed. I can supply the part, I just don't want to pay dealership prices to get it replaced and my local garage want £600! The car is an 08 Peugeot 107 and the clutch needs to be replaced. Happy to look at mobile mechanics if it's a job that can be done at home? :S
  2. There is a limited amount of parking down the side of the town hall. Might be an idea to try and park it there?
  3. Hi Guys, Have had a look at the search facility and can't find anything there. My dress doesn't need cleaning but it could do with being pressed before the big day so i'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for that? Thanks, Catie x
  4. Hi Guys, I get married in just under 4 months, my dress is amazing but I need the bodice bringing in. I also need one of my bridesmaids dresses bringing up. Can someone tell me roughly how much and also some recommendations? Thanks
  5. I am using Shoot photography in Wickersley, Rotherham. Think it's about £450 for 2 photographers for 6 hours, an album and the disc of all the photo's.
  6. Is it me or is it ironic that most if not all their stores are Lancashire and Greater Manchester?
  7. I can recommend Karen @ TigaLili flowers. She's doing my wedding flowers and the samples of hers that I have seen are really good. She's reasonably priced as well! http://www.tigaliliflowers.com/
  8. They don't take cards i'm afraid. They do offer finance though. They do take reasonable offers
  9. I recently bought a new car from Carr Motors, they're based on the Shalesmoor roundabout. http://www.carrmotors.co.uk
  10. Hi Miss S, Thanks for the info, I goggled and found her website- I have sent her a photo of the dress I would like making and she will price me up.
  11. Hi, I need a consultation and some pricing from a wedding dress maker. Found a dress I love but it's too far out of my budget. Please PM me or reply.
  12. Hiya, I'm a broker based in Sheffield and have access to a moderately priced solicitor that always acts quickly and competently. Pm me the details and I will see what can be done
  13. Fully qualified Mortgage Broker here... feel free to PM me if assistance is needed.
  14. Not far up from there on both Dunn Lane and Dunn Fields there have been a spate of break-in's to cars. Windows smashed, not sure if things have been taken. Just an additional word of warning.
  15. When I needed to get something replaced on my car on a Sunday the only place I found open was a Kwik Fit. Expensive but it was worth it- fixed within an hour.
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