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  1. Does anyone no where there are any dance classes for my 3 year old in or near s5 parsons cross? Looking to get her into ballet or jazz maybe?
  2. I have been offered a house exchange in Bassetlaw Worksop an my house is sheffield city council is it possible to do a mutual exchange still?? And do Bassetlaw council offer the right to buy after 5 years of living there? Iv checked there sight but no info seems to help??
  3. hi anyone have a caravan i can let this saturday while sunday ?? preferably in skegness ingoldmells or close by. please pm with details
  4. hi there i am after a dogue de bordeaux puppy referably kc reg with up to date vaccines and worming, please pm with info
  5. does anyone no of any summer fates, carboots, festivals or family event happening in or around sheffield today????
  6. i do have a contract and they presented some statements from people wich were quite vague and in my eyes incorrect, i didnt have a witness either as i chose not to take one with me, my main concern is i was suspended for 17days untill i heard a thing from my employer, i was not given a suspension letter utling the reasons in which i was suspended i didnt no what the allegation was against me untill i i recived a disciplinary hearing letter, and im my company handbook itn states any employee suspended must recieve it formally in writing when i raises this (along with a few other points at my hearing) the hearing was ajurned for a week. two days later i recieved a suspension letter (20days too late!) and a new disciplinary hearing letter for the following weekend. in the meeting i raised the issue again of it been 20days too late the manageers sid although company policies state i shoud have had a letter it is not a legal requirement? Also before i was suspended i was asked to give a statement with regards to the alleged incident which i was told one my manager had taken the statement i could proof read and sign, which didnt! it was passed straight to the manager dealing with the disciplinary. After recieveing a copy of this un signed statement, i realsied some words were misplaced and worded wrong, so i raised this at the meeting too (anther reason it was ajurned) and at the 2nd meet the manager had spoken to my line mager who originally took my statement and he said i was asked to read and sign my statment but i chose not too!(a complete lie) however 5 other statements from 5 members of staff were taken and they ALL signed theirs! when i rised this issue he said the manger had writtned a statment of truth and was willing to stand up on oath if he had too!ant that yet again a signature on my statement wasnt a legal requirement! But as far as im concerned correct rules and procedures havent been follwed? what do you think? (sorry for going on!)
  7. hi no i am not in a union unfortunately and i have worked for the company for 6years
  8. Can anyone help me i have been summarily dismissed from work after having a disciplinary hearing, thus been found guilty of gross misconduct, however i am wanting to appeal but dont no on what grounds i can do so and wants to no if the evidence and points i can raise are strong enough for me to win my case or should i just not bother? i no there is a company called acas who have helped a lot but i want to speak to someone in person? a citiz advice maybe? but not quite sure wher to start?? thanks
  9. unsecured loan and i have one default a ccj
  10. can anyone reccommend a loa company suited for people with bad credit? looking for something siple, fast and no upfront loans?
  11. does anyone no where i can buy the chocolate from for chocolate fountains??
  12. hi there im fter someone to make me a birthday cake, personalised for my daughter i have some of my own ideas of what im after but am also open to options so if you have pics etc please pm with details and rough prices. thanks
  13. can anyone reccommend something for me n my partner to do with ou 10month old daughter????????
  14. Mod note:- please use the template from page 1 to advertise your exchange. Thank you
  15. i know its short notice but i need a dj for tomorrow night!7-11ish?for a surprise birthday party, kareokee would also be a bonus, please pm with details prices etc thank you
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