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  1. Hi Doom , Farmers Blonde , Landlord and Black Sheep and the occasional Wentworth brewery offering. One side for the beer drinkers , the fireside usually for the diners.
  2. Wortley Arms. Although if you are sat too close it can get a bit uncomfortable with red faces all round!
  3. It's Gary Numan who is playing the O2 Academy on Nov 11th . Had me worried there as I've got tickets for the Numan show!
  4. Just seen his new album "Splinter" has hit the top ten in the BBC midweek album chart. Not got my tickets yet for his show at the Academy so i'm off to the box office today as would be gutted if I missed out! If anyone is going to a pre gig meet up for some ales, let me know.
  5. .....and i'll third it!! Great location in the village next to the flower shop. Very reasonable prices for a farm shop. They sell Kegs of Bradfield beers too!
  6. Monday is fine as there's not much else to do on a monday! Hoping to do a couple of shows on the "Splinter" tour but not Leamington.
  7. Ditto this. All my favourite artists appear to do the Academy circuit. Saw a great Pendulum gig here. Seen the Prodigy and Gary Numan too. In fact booking today for the Gary Numan show in November.
  8. Oh dear..... please do not spout drivel and misinform people based on little knowledge. The DVT nurse team at NGH A+E would see possible DVT's but not usually as a 999 emergency. Patient's are usually referred by their GP (usually same day) or self present. The only time an ambulance would be apppropriate is if the patient developed other signs and symptoms eg chest pain / shortness of breath. VW crazed - your treatment plan of a patient with suspected DVT is wrong but on the right tracks. Please do not post incorrect medical information on a public forum which may scare others.
  9. I think something along the lines of Xscape would do well. Skiing hoildays are on the increase and people have to learn somewhere. The infrastructure is already there and i'm sure it could still be competitive and also save people from South Yorkshire having to travel to Manchester or Castleford which are already too busy. We have a considerable catchment area to tap into.
  10. Yep it was the predicted quadtrantid meteor shower last night although a bright moon may have outshone it in parts. On a different note I think it's amazing that the Voyager1 spacecraft has now left our solar system and is now entering deep space after 35 years of travel!!
  11. Oh dear...... Conspiracy theorists that have bad grammar are the worst I am sure you are SO well informed about this Kal? Satellites have well documented pictures of all the lunar landings and the flag and plaque are still there. I suppose we don't have a spacecraft Rover on Mars either. Have both Voyagers left our solar system? C'mon Kal let us all know!
  12. Always a difficult one this. On a grander scale should Barrack Obama be giving NASA more funds to have a manned mission to Mars /asteroids and then into deep space or should that funding be spent on hospitals? My view is that man has to move forward and experiment. We are a land of explorers that pushes the boundaries of humanity. Science is the future and finding out more about who we are and what fascinating discoveries that will happen in the future. We could spend this money on hospitals / care etc. but if we had done that in the past we would have been slower to evolve and progress and still be living in caves.
  13. Please read my post and understand it before replying and making a fool of yourself. The first two sentences apply to the poster. I then generalise in my concluding two sentences by using the words "anyone" and "people" to emphasise my point.
  14. Do you also believe in fairy's at the bottom of your garden? Do you seriously believe in something that has no evidence to back it up but for a book of fairy tales? Talking of that i'm looking forward to seeing The Hobbitt next week! If anyone finds having faith helps them through their life then I can accept that. It's when they start attempting to brainwash others with their inane ramblings that I become offended. I also find it impossible and laughable that people who believe in "Gods" cannot engage in reasoned debate but have some irrational brainwashing which prevents them from actual reality.
  15. Very well articulated. The Hubble telescope has discovered millions of galaxies out there in an ever expanding universe. Galaxies are being formed constantly. The law of physics and also averages deem there will be life out there. It just saddens me that it could be thousands of years before we encounter any as even the nearest galaxy of Andromeda would take thousands of years to get to with current technology. It took voyager 35 years to get to the edge of our own solar system! We are nothing special on Earth and there is no great meaning for us being here. We are but a tiny insignificant dot in a massive universe. You live then you die , end of.
  16. All well and good but there are plenty of local charities that need the money as well. Shouldn't we be helping closer to home first before extending our palms to distant countries?
  17. I'm sure many of the posters mean well on here but giving inappropriate advice or guessing "just because my uncle had something similar" does not help in these situations. Advising the patient to go to A+E instead of their doctor shows a complete lack of understanding of what A+E is there for and why we get so busy with patients that require GP referral to the relevant speciality.
  18. Hi Wayne- the most appropriate next step for you is to visit your GP. You have chronic signs and symptoms which are not , at this stage , acute. If you went to A+E you would only be referred back to your GP for further testing. As a previous post mentioned - it is likely you may have H pylori which is an extremely common bacteria found in the stomach which slowly erodes the lining eventually causing ulcers. Non invasive testing at the surgery followed by antobiotic therapy if found should clear it up. Reduce alcohol intake , spicy foods and smoking as this aggravates it. Wear loose fitting belts as you may have "reflux" which can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
  19. Something along the lines of chill factor in Manchester and Xscape at Castleford would surely be the best way forward. Some may question a third indoor snow slope in the north but I firmly believe there is a need especially when you look at how busy the other two are. The infrastructure is almost in place already and the increase in people booking ski holidays from the UK , on the increase. The catchment area is vast. Can't believe this hasn't happened before now.
  20. Yes I saw them as was coming home from work. It looked very much like a satellite. Same speed , movement and visuals.
  21. The Gate at Pilley had it on draft. Magnificent pint , very tasty , almost caramelly and certainly unique. The Gate is now unfortunately closed and about to be turned into houses. Shame as it was a lovely drinkers pub.
  22. She is now a global superstar - the world is her oyster!!! She thoroughly deserves this for all the hard work , dedication and total focus that she has shown. I had goosepimples and tears in my eyes as she overtook her rivals in the home straight and powered through to victory , roared on by the crowd - An awesome moment to witness.
  23. Her dedication and total focus has to be admired. She was streets ahead of her competitors but appears very popular with her fellow athletes. She doesn't have an ego and just appears an all round lovely person. The way she flew past the tall Ukranian and Russian on the final straight last night was awesome.... little Jessica just pulled out , changed gears and rocketed off past the two six footers to win easily with her arms aloft in triumph as she pased the finishing line!! A true superstar!!!!!
  24. Just remember guys it's an earlier gig than usual so expect Numan on stage just after eight as it's club night after..... and he opens with **SPOILER** ................ BERSERKER!!! Saw the opening night and it was brilliant hearing some of the old hits again.
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