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  1. I use JML magic eraser and it is brilliant, brings it up nice and shiny and tea stain free!! I use the eraser for most things, I think it's better than bleach and other cleaning stuff.
  2. I had an incident a few years ago on a bus, I was carrying my two year old and climbed up the steps, the driver had closed the doors on me! I was half in and half out the bus and he was moving! Thought I was going to fall in the road, passengers were shouting to him what was happening. I complained and they were apologetic on the phone but to be honest I doubt it made a blind bit of difference.
  3. I go to one in hillsborough and the consultation for small animals is around £25 ish, plus the extras that they may need such as pills etc
  4. In safeguarding children, the EYFS welfare requirements are to have enhanced CRB checks for staff working directly with children. If this has not been done, then OFSTED would have picked it up when they did their last inspection. Have you looked at their last report to see if this has been highlighted? Unless you think the children are in immediate danger from a particular person at the nursery, I wouldn't lose sleep over it. A lot of settings are not very good with certain welfare requirements eg staff ratios, that is why OFSTED do inspections (though polishing up your practice and crossing all you t's and dotting your i's on that one day they come in doesn't show anything).
  5. Maybe they do then, I dont know, I was only going by their FAQ saying recorded messages do not fall withing he remit of TPS. from TPS FAQ Recorded and automated sales calls including silent calls do not fall within the remit of TPS. TPS does not stop other call types such as market research, debt collection, scam calls and general nuisance calls.
  6. didn't know it was free, when I looked into how to stop recieving these calls the site wanted £30 fee (don't know what site it was though) Looked on TPS webpage and unfortunately it does no stop the recorded message phone calls, it is only for live callers.
  7. Have the same problem and it is so annoying. I have caller ID so can see the numbers calling and now have a list of some of the numbers so I pick up and put straight down. Fed up of them leaving messages about PPI etc. Don't really want to fork out money to stop the numbers, don't really think I should have to. I'm also ex-directory so would like to now where they get my number from.
  8. Yep 1 April it changes over automatically. It changed for me last week and gave me a chance to go through and check if there was anything I wanted to hide before it makes it public to friends viewing. I dont personally like it and think it should be a choice whether we want it or not.
  9. looking a bit of a fool now, after trying since 7 this morning I got a bit cross with it and gave an angry yank and the thing opened! Hopefully that means it's ok.
  10. Have a Beko WM6152 and the door stays locked, washing stuck inside. It seemed to go a bit strange last night when I did this wash, at the end of the wash all lights were out didnt know what was wrong with it. The 'ready' light has come on now like it should, but the door wont unlock. Any ideas?
  11. Was there access before the fence went up? How do the ones next door gain access to their garden? If there was no right of way before the fence then there wont be now. I used to live in an end terrace and there was an ajoining gate that they would use. It was also a block of four and the ones next door to me had a gate the other side.
  12. If you don't collect them, don't they post them out anymore? I didn't go and collect mine, they came in the post.
  13. I agree with asking at the school, word of mouth is good for letting others know you're available, also find a good website to advertise on.
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