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  1. So 6 years to learn, you must be a good teacher:huh:
  2. as i said earlier dont waste your money!
  3. When you have lived as long as i have so close it's hard not to get to know them so it's the truth i speak, why does the truth wind you up?
  4. So i'm in wrong for telling the truth:confused:
  5. I was brought up in a couple of well known black areas of Sheffield & Sheffield is one of the friendly cities of UK & I don't know any blacks or Pakistanis that aren't racist & I guarantee you you wont see any of them wasting money on the wrist bands not unless they are over paid footballers or over friendly people.
  6. I bet you dont see anyone who isnt white wearing them.
  7. May not be the sharpest tool in the box but i'm clever enough not to be living up there.
  8. I like milky bars & like a Hersheys when in the states.
  9. Did you guys know the crump brothers? I think they went to city or was it norfolk school, anyway they sadly passed away.
  10. We once blagged our way into skeggy butlins for a rave weekender must have been 89-90 really enjoyed it:banana:
  11. It's all your fault Lib1 I have half of Norfolk Park ganging up on me but no as said before I don't see any reason why they are £40000 more.
  12. Kblade it was a few month ago i was driving through cause i have family living on Arbouthorne so yeah point taken, e-man what was Royal Plaza on West Street 10 years ago? A good car park to **** in after a skin full in the forum & alsyum on the way to west st to bash a few pigs as in wendy fans!
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