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  1. Hi, I know it's ages since you posted the message about Beighton seeming like it was a nice place before Crystal Peaks was built....well it certainly was. I was born and was brought up there, and I have wonderful memories of living in the village. We lived in the Steel houses on Cairns Rd, with the single storey pre fabs across the road from us. There was a street full of kids, and we played out all day long - no cars - well very very few, so we played on the road a lot. All the houses had big gardens so we spent hours making dens and had the run of most of the gardens. From being about 9 or 10 we were allowed to go down to Sothal swings. We never called it Sothal though....that was the 'posh' name. It was (pronounced) Sewerter. In our teens, my friends and I would go 'ladding it' to Swallownest, Killamarsh, Hackenthorpe.....all distinct villages. All the families knew each other on the street where you lived so we knew we had better behave or our parents would find out - and we would be in trouble! Fantastic childhood - such good times. I don't envy kids today anything. I know it sounds corny, but none of us had anything to brag about - we were all pretty poor, but it never bothered us. We had the freedom to get outside with our mates and have fun without fear and anxiety about what might happen to us. Regards JuneLambert
  2. Hi Janus1938, I was only 7 in 1954, so I don't know Margaret Wilson. I'm not sure which old cottages you refer to at the back of Beighton Church. Are they the ones which are on High Street? Memebers of my family worked at Beighton Pit though and would have known Margaret's father. Kind regards June Lambert
  3. Hi Texas, The name Paynter rings a bell. We lived upstairs at I think no 49 - above Betty and Fred, The top one on the row of flats. My kids - Andrew and Rachel were young there - I think it would have been 1973 when we moved in and about 1976 when we moved to Cairns road next door to my mum. Did you live on Victoria road? Best wishes June Lambert
  4. Hi Alex, What is your mum's name? I wasn't going to the youth club then - in the later 60's but I will probably know of your mum. June Lambert
  5. Hi jl-heating. I can't remember the Coopers you mention....it's such a long time ago! You say Suzanne went to school with Susan Lambert. Susan is probably related to me but I'm not sure who she is. Maybe one of my cousin's daughters. JuneLambert
  6. Hi jl-heating I think there were a few Cooper families in Beighton when I was growing up - not sure I remember any of them. Did your father in law work at Brookhouse? JuneLambert
  7. Hi fixit4u Yes, I vaguely remember the 'Storey's. My brothers are John and Richard and yes, I used to live on Victoria Road for a while in the flats. I wonder if there is any way of me getting a copy of the photo without breaking confidentiality......don't know how this works. JuneLambert
  8. Hi fixit4u, I can't say that I do remember the photo being taken. What is Charlie's second name....I may remember him too. Was he a Beighton lad? I'd love to have a copy of the photo. Do they still have it? Was it taken at Shelley's or somewhere else? Where did Sheila and Kath live when they were young? Did they live at the top end of Beighton? I do remember Sheila Craig. Thanks JUneLambert
  9. Hi fixit4u Yes, I think I remember your sister. We worked at Shelley's bakery in Beighton after leaving school - our first jobs! I think one of my brothers did used to live on Broadfield Rd for a time. JuneLambert
  10. Hi fixit4u Chances are I know your brothers in law then. I remember Norcroft Cottages well. I didn't know all the families who lived there but did know of some. Did you know any of the Tann's from Hackenthorpe? They are my cousins on my dad's side of the family. Patrick, Kate and David Tann - or any of the Lamberts? JuneLambert
  11. Hi PopT, I don't think I can remember a Timmins at school.. Memebers of my family would have known Mr Timmins the pit deputy though. Some of my dad's brothers worked at Brookhouse pit. JuneLambert
  12. Hi Escort1 I don't live in Beighton now, and I remember the fairs being on the recreation ground on High Street, where the Miner's Welfare / bowling green was built. There was such a buzz around the village when the fair was coming!! It was usually there for my birthday in August - when we din't have money to go on the rides we stood around the waltzer or dodgems eyeing up the lads. I can't think of space in Beighton now where a fair could be held but there might be. JuneLambert
  13. Hi PopT Not sure about the Timmins family.......Where in Beighton did they live? JUneJ
  14. Hi Fixit4u, The name Beatson does seem to ring a bell.........Did your sister go to any of the Beighton schools? My dad's family came from Hackenthorpe and I had friends from Hackenthorpe in my teens......early 60's JuneJ
  15. I don't remember the individual groups who played there, but I know I enjoyed it tremendously.....jiving in the isles with my mate! Live music was just an everyday part of life wasn't it. There was always at least one or two groups on wherever we went.
  16. Did any of you grow up in Beighton during the early 50's 60's? Did you go to Beighton infants / Juniors? Brookhouse Secondary modern? Do you remember any of the old shops in Beighton like the shoe repair shop on High street, or Mr Staniforth's clock and watch repairs next to Hall's television shop? What about the fairs that used to come to Beighton at the same time each year? The rides were 6d and one year me and my friend Marilyn Lancaser went potato picking to get some money for the fair - we finished up with 10/- Fantastic!! Loads of money to go on whatever we wanted!! Farrer's were one fairground family......they had been coming to Beighton for years. Did any of you go to the youth club in the church hall with Mr Durham? ........and the Saturday night dances which cost 6d or 1shilling if I remember rightly..in the church hall? JuneLambert
  17. Hi Sandie, Did you know Patrick, David or Kate Tann or any of the Lamberts from Hackenthorpe? - Vernon or Susan Price? I am related to them on my dad's side. My dad was originaly from Hackenthorpe - he had gone to the village school - it's a shame it's gone now. I remember a lad from Chiwali farm who went to Brookhouse Secondary modern school but that would be back in the early 60s before you went to Chiwali. Wasn't it lovely all around there? Best wishes June Lambert
  18. Sandie Did you live at Chiwali Farm or at 'Drake House? I remember Chiwali Farm really well.....walking from Beighton across the fields to Hackenthorpe.....no houses...even before the flower estate at Beighton was built!..... just Chiwali then the School houses on Drakehouse lane and the three bungalows on the way up. You can't imagine it now. So many times I've walked that route (and stopped to hear a cuckoo)........It was lovely. I feel quite sad now when I go to Beighton and to see what they've turned it into. Just another retail park and shopping centre made for cars. I'd love to see some old photos of the area, to try and describe it now to someone would be almost impossible. Did you go to Brookhouse School? June Lambert
  19. Hi Euclid. I know all of the places you talk about!! When I was growing up all those places were our playgrounds and we were around there a lot. Tommy Wards, as we always called it - and Cow Lane!! I remember going on 'nature walks' from Beighton Juniors and standing watching Hares boxing in the fields there. When I was a bit older me and my friend used to walk down to Killamarsh most Sundays down Cow Lane - never worried or scared - ever!!! It's unbelievable how much it's all changed. I do like coming into Beighton off the M1 though and dropping down seeing all the trees now which were planted in the 80's growing up in Rother Valley Park. I don't suppose you remember the 'Gunnies' as we called them? The WW2 gun encampment on Eckington Rd, Beighton? Some people, including my Aunt - were squaters there after the war when they couldn't find anywhere to live. Yes, My uncle Arthur worked at Brookhouse pit and my dad worked at Westthorpe as a deputy. It's funny you say you were a biker because I was a mod!!! (All nighters at the Mojo / Twisted Wheel, Manchester etc!!) What's Wales like now? Is it still a nice place? JuneLambert
  20. Hi! I didn't realise either! I've had quite a few responses - which is good, and I'm really enjoying researching my family - It's linked me in with all sorts of nice people. JuneLambert
  21. Thanks for responding. I can't remember a Kenny Lambert or a Pat.....I know one of my cousins is Pete Lambert, I think he's the son of my uncle Arthur who lived in Hackenthorpe. My Aunt Joan (Lambert) married a Doug Tann and they had three children. Patrick, another son and Kate. They ( Uncle Arthur and Aunt Joan) lived on Westfield Crescent (?) the first road you came to from Beighton on your left opposite Carter Lodge School. All the people you mention could be cousins though, as my dad was one of 14. Most of whom lived in and around Hackenthorpe. I've probably got about 30 cousins - some of whom I've met and some I haven't. Many thanks! JuneLambert:)
  22. Thanks for this....however, my dad didn't have a Betty in his direct family, nor did he have a Harold - don't think so anyway. I'll keep a note though which may be helpful as I dig deeper into the Lamberts of Hackenthorpe! JuneLambert
  23. Hi Euclid, Thanks for this.....Yes, my uncle was 'leggy' - I couldn't remember his nickname! Mick and David, Shirley, Kathleen and another daughter I think. What a lovely walk that used to be down the lane from Beighton to Wales. Yes, the coke ovens were near there and Brookhouse pit where some of my family worked. My dad was the medical officer for the coke ovens during 1970's. The old George and Dragon pub had lots of character didn't it - and the Cumberland, which is one of the oldest pubs around the area. Did you used to walk down to Beighton? JuneLambert
  24. My dad was one of 14 children, but there wasn't an Eric as far as I know. It may be that your dad is from another branch of the family though. My brother and I are researching our family tree so if I come across an Eric I will let you know. Does your dad live at Hackenthorpe or did he used to live there? Thanks JuneLambert:)
  25. I didn't know Spike was a milkman for the Co-op.....my mum did all her shopping with them for ages as they used to deliver to Beighton - obviously before 'self service' shops opened! Yes, We had some great nights at Kiveton and Wales Bar - we just took it for granted that there would be live music on wherever we went! You might know some of my family from Wales then....the Walkers who lived on the lane that led down into Beighton along 'Johnny Cordals' down past the coke ovens if I remember rightly. Can't remember all their names - Kathleen, Shirley, and a son and another daughter + Aunt Ada - can't remember my uncles name. Did you ever come down to Beighton? JuneLambert
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