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  1. Yes,Clinton started messing about with Glass Steagall and started loaning to crackheads in inner cities,banks weren't really ready for that level of paradoxically "compulsory freedom" at the time and their inherently greedy nature sealed the deal. Unrestricted Capitalism and cultural Marxism in bed together...deadly.
  2. Often these are,or were,called countries,of course there are other definitions.
  3. The wages are so crap that it's no wonder some of them are bent and enjoy a bit of bullying on the side. Same old same old.
  4. That's the curse of the internet. Take a step back and think about it,resist all temptation to respond to absolutely everything,you'll have more spare time.Start by not responding to this reply.
  5. Crosspool is the nearest thing to the 1950's idyll that most people in their heart of hearts would enjoy tremendously despite their politics.No one that lives there can afford to live there,hence the best morals are achieved. It's the grammar school of districts populated mainly by the lower classes with aspiration and borderline intelligence. Safe as houses,try strutting around with a baggy trousered attitude,the police response is almost immediate. Get it sorted and shift the old bid in there immediately,she'll be one more in the vanguard against the advocates of crime that infest other areas of my city and she'll be living amongst those with the sensibilities to protect her both physically and morally. Good luck with it.
  6. Oh baby,you're a woman,surely!! Coo coo ca choo,I'm goin' back to Indiana,get with da programme baby.
  7. I guess you just don't like Jews,dictionaries or encyclopedias.
  8. The Jews are just about the only properly qualifiable minority on earth,check the numbers,what 20 million or so?They have been persecuted for thousands of years wherever they choose to go and make a success of themselves (and us) without attempting to violate their hosts.What's the problem with them having access to the land of the original tribes documented well before any other group chose to define themselves? Is it the fact that the other groups are massively larger in number but still wish to claim minority status despite outnumbering them?
  9. To my mind a so called progressive liberal aproach needs to be firmly rooted in more traditional notions of discipline such that neither of the two lose sight of each other.This is of course very difficult when the volume of individuals claiming special consideration for the very fact of their own criminality seems to be higher every day. There is certainly a widely shared perception of an acceleration in gang related crime,I don't think it serves us very well to put this down to anything other than the very simple fact that people have memories of the reality of their own lives which as yet,the authorities have not yet managed to erase. Having said that,I'm actually optimistic,I think that the level of indulgent topsy turvy logic applied to crime has only a few more years to run before crime becomes conspicuously more prevelant in better areas not to mention unmanageable in poorer areas and criminals become conspicuously too expensive to administer in terms of their detriment to society and the plethora of expensive public sector mollycoddling they require,then a more palatable state of affairs will exist.
  10. Is it a group of brainless,rudderless youth so fantastically stupid as to align themselves with (and possibly suffer or cause physical injury or death in the name of) a number allocated to their locality by the authorities? Phwoooar...sexy and rebellious huh,does the council or the dole cut their hair? We're not quite London yet but it'll happen if you say nowt.
  11. Central location. PM for details. ta.
  12. Liars are the most charming of people until they seek public office. I detest ordinary people that don't lie on a day to day basis. Depending on the gravity of the lie of course. One a day is good,especially if it gets you shagged.
  13. I remember "Big and tall" I think it was called,at the bottom of the Moor,do they do shoes? Is it still there?
  14. Peter Robinson department store. Wimpy on Fargate. Tobbaconists on High st,further up than the one that was until recently next door to Nat West.(unsure about this,any pointers?) Schofields. Classic cinema at Fitzallen square,the square at that time was much busier in terms of pedestrians and shopping. Sheaf market. Being able to drive down the Moor.
  15. :hihi: Note: Of course,I have taken this entirely out of context,no offence to the poster is intended.
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