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  1. My family originated from Attercliffe and Darnall. The Graysons and Artliff's are my mums side and the Barkers are my dad's side. My Grandpa Grayson worked in the steel works in the Attercliffe area for years and years and he used to tell some awesome stories. The local pub was actually his 'office' and they would telephone him there if they need his crew for a job on the furnaces. My Grandpa Barker worked in a factory too and I remember vaguely there was a massive gas explosion there, maybe 35 yrs ago.
  2. I love Bolsover Castle. When I was growing up I lived next door but 2 to it ( Anchor Inn)and we played in the castle everyday. We used to gaze at it from the school next door, Bolsover C of E school and convince ourselves that we saw the 'Grey Lady' carrying her head under her arm..hehehe
  3. Yes you are right. Terry is living in a caravan at Skeggy since thier divorce many years ago and Jackie is doing very well and taking regular trips to see her daughter on thier property in Australia!
  4. I am researching my family tree and have found a relative that was an inmate in Wadsley Asylum. After she got out she lived with her nurse for 2 years and then suddenly killed her by hitting her with a hammer and cutting her throat!.... The murderer was called Rose Artliff and the victim Nurse Ada Bradley. All this happened in 1923 and I have now hit a brick wall, including where Rose's 4 children went to after her imprisonment.Any info anyone?
  5. My Grandad,( sadly missed) would be almost 90 by now. He used to tell all sorts of stories when we were kids.... one story i remember well was that of a stunt they used to get up to as kids. In Darnall at the bottom of Prince of Whales Rd, on the right , there was a huge church. ( I vaguely remember this being knocked down in my time).As a kid, my Grandad and his mates used to go into tunnels here, lift up a huge manhole cover that was under there, drop it and listen for the loud echoing bang. The people in the church would run out thinking that there was an air raid or something.......watched by the 'boys' who by this time had climed out of the tunnels.......
  6. The woodthorpe arms ,,DEMOLISHED... oh my ... what memories i have of there,,,, carrying our drinks from there across the road to the Ball Inn every weekend,,,,, demolished???... I can hardly believe it...
  7. i went to city school with an andrew shephard, he would be 38 now,,born 66. check on friendsreunited.
  8. my nan worked at tommy allens, she is 91 now,,, she lived in crooks too im sure if it,, i will telephone her tomoro,,( im in australia and dont think she would appreciate a call right now) and see if she remebers anything.
  9. My family lived in Gleadless for a while. We moved there in 1982 and lived there for about 10 yrs or so. We lived on Hollinsend Road, right at the bottom of Gleadless Common in the detached house across from the new Inn pub.
  10. i too was born and bred in Sheffield. First time on this site and geeze, didnt realise that I missed so much stuff,,, and also didnt realise that I had FORGOTTEN about so much stuff. I came over here 10 years ago and live just outside of Brisbane. Was born in 1966 and went to City School. Lived also in Intake and Gleadless and my mum owned the Birley Hotel and Frechevill for a fair few years.
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