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  1. Right basically i dont really know what im doing. Ive made a website and its online now. I want to put this in to the site:- http://www.dseffects.com/scriptsfx/DS_Bubbles/DS_BubblesCG.html I know you put it in to the code but when I do it nothing appears???? Im lost! Ill let you know the website in a pm as its one for work. Oh ps its html not javascript, if that makes a difference. Thanks :-)
  2. Anyone want to swap tips. I trying to teach myself how to do web design and im stuck. I need to know how to put javascript in to my document using dreamweaver but whenever I do it it just doesnt work!!! Do I have to upload to the server before it works? I know a bit about photoshop so if you wanna learn that I can help Thanks guys!
  3. Learn to trapeze... fun and not boring like running!! http://www.greentop.org/circus_training/circus_for_everyone
  4. It is a goatskin one. Thanks guys I think im going to go for it and buy it trusting that I can follow the youtube lessons. Oh does anyone know any drum jamming groups around sheffield. I dont want to pay just want to meet other people who know how to drum, get tips and jam?
  5. I have found a Djembe Drum that I would like to buy however it says it isnt tuned. I was just wondering if anyone knew how easy it is to tune? Will I have to pay alot to get it tuned? Any info would be great Cheers
  6. No of course not I just want to go and party. This is why I said pm me
  7. OK that does look awesome however its quite far to go. Ive got an idea... if anyone wants to go to the dry ski slope let me know as im still up for it. If you want to go to the snow dome we could see how many and maybe share lifts etc. Let me know, it'll be fun!!!
  8. The dry ski slope! You interested?
  9. So how do i find out about these huge raves going off in the peaks? If anyone has any info please pm me. Thanks!!
  10. Hi, anyone want to do snowboarding lessons with me (27y female)? Would be good to have someone to share the fun with and go for a drink after. Let me know if your interested. Cheers :-)
  11. Last week at Plug there was a Psy Trance night, there might be something similar on the 9th. Good luck, have fun!!!
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