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  1. If you wash in disinfect bird boxes you may find that the birds that used them will not return to them. People need to learn from the past to stop panicking Cleaning a bird box will not stop birds bringing this into the country, Nor will it stop or control bird flu think about this logically
  2. Many elderly suffer from anemia. I do, Though I fee hot at times there are times when I feel really cold. Many times I have to turn down the heat in my home when I have visitors. Though it is not only anemia that can make people feel cold. Then on the other side of the cold we may ask. Why do people go out half naked in winter. Young women with flimsy tops and short skirts off to the pub. As well as young men in T Shirts far too small for them showing off tattoo's in all kinds of weather including rain and snow. I guess it is just how people feel comfortable
  3. Re my above reply. I P.M'd you but as yet had no reply. I was hoping for 4 of these for my bird area on the garden. Not heard from you yet, But I guess you may be busy, Will P.M again
  4. Now I have seen it all. Relying upon Sheffield Forum for an emergency such as this. What would this poster have done had they not got the internet. Surely they have a neighbour that has a phone. Is the internet top up more important than a mobile top up. What would the poster do in a life and death situation. Good job we have some sensible people on the forum keeping a look out. What would a person without the internet do if they did not have a phone. Open all doors and windows, Get everyone out of the house. Then ring on a neighbours phone
  5. Sad to say. Trust has become an issue with everyone now even friends. I will never trust anyone unless they are close friends. This is a difficult situation especially youngsters who would be looked upon as a grass if they go to the Police. Today young people do not know the meaning of the term grass. I also suffered a theft this week from a friend. My Nephew used to live with me. Sunday night A young man knocked on my door rather the worse for drink. Last time I saw him was 18 months ago . Then he was a decent lad. He asked where my nephew and partner were living now. I would not tell him without my nephews permission. I said he is now married and has a child that I would let him know to make some contact. He seemed happy with this and asked if he could use the toilet. I let him but at the same time I had to answer the door to a neighbour. I was talking to my neighbour for about 5 mins or so as he came walking back through my room. As he came out of my front door he said Nite and hurried away. It was then I became a little suspicious. Going back indoors I discovered the once nice kid had turned into a vile druggie / robber. I found £20 missing from the top of my cocktail bar, A Birthday card with £20 in it. 2 Packets of tobacco from my kitchen table along with 2 packets of medication ( pills ). The following morning I was ready to go out when I saw a bottle of whisky had gone from the bar as well as some change from my pocket hung in my kitchen. He was very quick indeed. Had it not been for my health and age I would have gone out looking for him. But I have told everyone he knows including his family what he has done. He will get his just deserts. Reporting some things to the police can attract trouble, Also they would not deal with this as it would have been dealt with some years ago. Just stealing medication ( pills) would have been serious enough for the police to act. Not Now. This is the first time my home has been robbed by a so called friend. It will be the last.
  6. Depending upon the area they are in, They will not need extras
  7. You are correct chez2. I have had to rely upon a friend of mine chasing this up. Maybe getting a little confused with age. Thanks very much, I have arranged to get one Friday, Again thanks for correcting me. Anthony
  8. The reason for reposting on genera; discussions was to get a wider response. These are used by many people not just gardeners. Hence I thought someone that may work with them may get in touch with me
  9. I had a response from a guy in Ecclesfield. I paid for a trailer to collect. But despite asking a police officer we could not find the house. The number did not seem to exist. Sorry re your response chez. I did contact them. They did not have any 45 gal drums..
  10. I am trying to find out where I can buy a 40 gal burn drum from.. No not the small burn bins. There were plenty of these being sold last year and advertised in The Star. Now it is difficult to get them already holed and ready for use. Can anyone help.
  11. Sent a message but no reply. I am interested in 4 please,,,, PM me or call. 3071223. or mobile me on 07786768081
  12. Have to admit, It worries me, I tried to go private but because of my health I found this hard. What a state we are in now with the NHSS
  13. I need a 45 gallon burn drum. Managed to buy one on forum last year. Anybody know where we can get one from already punched air with holes. I know shops sell the small burn bins. I need the large drum. Thanking you in anticipation Anthony
  14. You are right. I have 4 cams round my home. I took advice before putting them up. As long as they do not breach a persons right to privacy they are OK. ie, Face another neighbours doors or windows. This is common sense. People are encouraged to use cctv where there may be a problem especially on gardens or garages..
  15. Every home have received a pamphlet explaining in very plain english. As well as T.V ads also phone numbers . Some people will be able to obtain a freeview box free of charge. No you will not have to buy a new T.V. The ariel should pick up the signal. If not ring the help line and help will be available. How much more simple can they make it
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