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  1. If you friend doesn't qualify under the ECO link that has been posted, then try this http://www.britishgasenergytrust.org.uk/help/grants-for-individuals-help-pages/how-can-the-trust-help they may help, good luck x
  2. Hi all, update on my puppy. He is really settled, eating well, drinking water, and he's had a full health check today. I promise to post pics just need work out how to post them on here. Thanks for kind posts x
  3. Thank you so much for the encouraging posts. He is really settled and he slept in his crate with no fuss all night. He's now eating and drinking well and we are in love!! I will post pics later tonight, we have planned for this puppy for years waiting until we felt we had time,money and our family was grown up enough so I think I panicked when he refused food. Looking forward to sharing him growing up on here xx
  4. Haha thanks moonbird all prepared for tonight and the next few nights lol, I bet by morning he's on he sofa and I'm in the crate lol
  5. I haven't given any cows milk, I've got everything organised and bought it all in advance. I've had a puppy before and have always had pets I simply posted for advice re drinking and eating as I was getting panicky. Thank you for your concern though and I will feed back to breeder and my vet. ---------- Post added 18-05-2013 at 21:33 ---------- He's just eaten a bowl of his food and sleeping in contentment, thanks probably was stress I expected that xx
  6. Will go get some in the morning he's just had a few lap of water, he really isn't underweight so the eating I'm less worried about. ---------- Post added 18-05-2013 at 21:21 ---------- I am so relieved he's eating his food, should have realised that as soon as I posted my worries he would eat lol.
  7. Vet seemed ok about age when I checked, I am trying to be responsible owner.
  8. Hi, can someone advise please. Our new 8 week old puppy came home today, he's been lively and sociable. Been to toilet for wee and poo twice, but won't eat or drink. I've got the same food he's used too and tried him with water all day but he's had nothing. I have him booked in Monday for check and vaccine but am worried about him dehydrating. Thanks xx
  9. Trying to arrange a suprise birthday party for MIL and seeking a function room for around 40 people. Have the buffet planned and possibly the music but no room suggestions welcome..............thanks (have been looking S2, S7, S8, S9)
  10. We are holding an outside market from 11-3 on December 9th and want to put some activities on for Children. We are needing a face painter and balloon maker if possible, also anyone out there hire themselves out as Santa? Thanks
  11. Bump! Tickets still on sale and will be most of the week via the Totley Music Festival, also at Mellows and Liberty Foods. http://www.silverserviceconsultancy.co.uk/TMF/index.htm
  12. It's a choice of pies from Liberty Foods in Totley, there is Meat and Potato pie and a vegetarian option. Thanks
  13. Tickets are on sale for a Barn dance that Totley Residents Association are holding on Saturday the 21st of July. This event forms part of the Totley Music Festival. The dancing led by the Black Sheep Ceilidh Band will start at 6pm, with Supper served at 7.30pm. Ticket prices have been designed to be affordable for the whole family, and are £6 per Adult and £4 per child including supper. Please bring your own alcohol or soft drinks. The dance will end at 10pm. For tickets just reply to this thread, PM me, or they are available from Liberty Foods, Baslow Road S17. All welcome, hope to see you there!
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