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  1. I would never vote Tory, they are the same old bogey with a different face, just see what they will do at you if they get power again, the single factor that has thrown labour out is uncontrolled Immigration. This country should negotiate withdrawall from the common market, stop immigration now and start sending all the scum of the EEC back home.
  2. Yes, we should have a written constitution because due to what is happening to our country I.E. an open door immigration policy, terrorism, crime out of control, being a member of the European Union Etc. we need to bring our constitution up to date with new thinking.
  3. Help !!! Why is my outlook express not working? it will not accept my messages and also I cannot send an email from it. I am using XP on virgin dial up and my settings are correct. Also, I cannot edit my photo's on my computer because I get a winzip card every time I try and the edit facility is not available any more although I have been using it for years, first in ulead express then on windows picture and fax viewer, I am using microsoft office 2000. Thanks in advance for any help, Hal.Evans.
  4. Grim Creeper Join Date: Apr 2006 Location: Slouching Towards Bethlehem To Be born. Posts: 15,496 Status: Offline ( Look, I know this might sound daft ) You don't know how daft
  5. You are dead right - I am 100% behind you!!!
  6. Anybody interested in talking on Skype.
  7. This Lady has two cookers for sale, please see her ad. & pictures of them in the for sale column, on this forum. One gas one electrical oven £150 & £50 ONO respectively both brand new, available immediately. please phone her now, she is at home Tel. 0114 2352188
  8. Mount Zion at Crookes, from the top of the tower, one can see Blackpool tower on a clear day.
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