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  1. Hi there. I have an old postcard with this image, but I don't know where it is. I've been advised it is somewhere in Totley.. but I for one don't recognise the house or the street. Do you..? http://www.meersbrook.co.uk/Totley.jpg Cheers, John
  2. Hi all. A long-shot but posting here "just in case".. A work colleague had his VW Transporter van stolen from the Crookesmoor area a little over a week ago (sometime between Midnight and 7am on Friday 9th September). The keys were taken from his house (nothing else) - and then used to steal the van... The registration is BK61 TOA - and there has been zero sign of it since (reported to the police at the earliest opportunity too of course). Here's some more info about the precise vehicle that was taken: "The van was a VW Transporter 102PS. The Reg: BK61 TOA and it had two tinted windows in the back. Other than that it was a pretty standard white Transporter. It did have one small dent in the sliding door..." Naturally he's absolutely gutted about this - so I thought I'd post something on here (better late than never..) - just in case anyone on here has happened to see his van anywhere? Only useful/sensible replies please - this is a great Site/resource, but sometimes some inane / useless or outright rude replies baffle me :-/ Thanks very much for reading and also for keeping any eye out for the van. Cheers, John. PS. if you DO know anything or better still have seen this stolen vehicle anywhere, please either message me on there, or contact the police - many thanks.
  3. Hi there. Thanks for the suggestion - there's actually already an iron gate there (street end of the gennel - and an existing frame (a couple of feet inwards) where the (wood) door used to be. Others nearby are doors (as opposed to gates) so keen to match. Thanks again for the suggestion and reply though. John.
  4. Hi there. We need a basic door to go on our gennel. There was one previously but it got damaged in high winds .. so a new one needed. It'll need to be a custom size I'm guessing (not measured yet). Where are the best places to order/obtain such a door here in Sheff? Cheers, John.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I'll wait to see if anyone (else) had their's as "SCC-COLLECT" before I put this one to bed though (your one seems to be same as my old one [albeit mine cut short after "CC"]) - thanks again. John.
  6. Hello all. Recently moved home so had to redo / sort out the Council Tax and so on. All sorted now.. but I've noticed a change and wanted to check if it's legit (calling the council themselves would seem the quickest way.. but whatever option(s) I choose on their automated system, I always end up speaking to Mrs. RoboCop or Metal Mickey - a human being seemingly hard to come by...). So yeah... *previously* the direct debit was setup with a label/name on my online banking of: "SHEFFIELD CC" *now* however, that one is still there (unclaimed since January, which is right) - but now there's a new entry, labelled / named as: "SCC-COLLECT". That one *has* been collected - but just making sure that all is well and that others on here have seen one or both of these as the "official" direct debit name/label for council tax? Cheers, John.
  7. #BULLSEYE! - Big thanks for this, John. ---------- Post added 03-11-2015 at 19:57 ---------- Fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to do the comparison piece. I've checked on the Streetview link and that's a direct hit, I reckon. Mystery: SOLVED. Case: CLOSED! Thanks to all on this one. John. ---------- Post added 03-11-2015 at 20:08 ---------- *Case Closed* http://www.meersbrook.co.uk/52%20Conduit%20Road%20Sheffield.jpg Cheers again. Reckon I might have a few more "mystery" street cards... watch this space! John.
  8. Hmm - don't reckon it's Granville. Would have to be a) Right-hand-side (going up towards City Road) - and could only really be after the Norfolk Park Road junction (as no houses "below" there - at least not these days anyway..). Most of the bayed terraces on that side all still have the same original "detail" about the door - but it doesn't match the one we can see on the postcard. So a good call.. but I don't think it's Ger-g-g-ge-ger-ger-Granville..! John ---------- Post added 02-11-2015 at 19:35 ---------- Not familiar with Minna (other than name) - so that's saved me looking thanks. John ---------- Post added 02-11-2015 at 19:36 ---------- Thanks for the detailed info, much appreciated. John.
  9. Hi - yeah, sorry forgot to mention - I'd taken a (virtual!) walk up the entire right side of City Road on Google Streetview - but none of the houses (or door frames/bays) seemed to fit/match). Good call re: Heeley Bank Road. Gradient perhaps too steep (on postcard) though? For there I mean.. John. ---------- Post added 02-11-2015 at 19:28 ---------- Good call - I'll take a look (again) on Streetview. On the back of the card, someone has (belatedly) written on "City Road, Sheffield" - which I still reckon is wrong (unless house demolished in the war, or possibly for another reason..) - but could well be in the vicinity e.g. Granville. I'll take a look thanks.. John.
  10. Hello all. I recently acquired this vintage picture postcard (link below). It was sold as depicting a scene on City Road (S2) - but I'm pretty sure that that information is incorrect. Here's a link to a BIG scan (600dpi) of the postcard: http://www.meersbrook.co.uk/Mystery%20Sheffield%20Street.jpg (ignore the Meersbrook Domain - that's just where I've hosted the image and most likely a red herring / not Meersbrook). Does anyone on here recognise the house? There's an outside chance it's not even somewhere in Sheffield(!) - but the post-mark (1910) shows it was posted in Sheffield, so I'm pretty sure it's *somewhere* here in Sheffield... ... but where? Thanks for any advice on this. Note the detail above the door - and also the (fairly steep) gradient of the street. Clues..? Cheers, John.
  11. Hi again Jeffrey- Thanks for your continued (valued) input on this one (which is STILL as yet unresolved believe it or not!). The boundary walls are marked with "T" symbols on the deeds documents for the house (which I have had confirmed means that the boundary wall(s) are not owned by (nor the responsibility) of the owner of the house in question. Unfortunately however this has been to be unsatisfactory information for the prospective buyers, as they are now expressing concerns about what would happen if (for example) the wall was to fall and injure a passer-by at the time (again highly highly unlikely, as the wall itself is in a good state etc.)... With no actual owner(s) (of the wall or land on which the wall is built) having been identified - and despite hours (days actually..) of extensive research by us (and with the council distancing themselves from any such liability) they (the prospective buyers) are (I assume) of the feeling that THEY would be held responsible/liable (despite confirmed "proof" that the wall is not the property of what would be their house...) Feeling increasingly like a dead-end - which is very stressful as you can imagine. Thanks again for your input. John.
  12. Hi Jeffrey- Thanks for the additional comment on this (as yet still unresolved) issue. To clarify further, the nature of the issue isn't actually in connection to any right of pass / repass concerns. That is all clear and with the boundary walls (of the jennel) being tall and also with no gates / entrances etc. (at all), it hasn't been raised as an issue. The prospective buyers of the property (which backs onto, but has no access to "Terrace Walk") are concerned about ownership of jennel/pathway (and boundary walls). Although Terrace Walk has been verified (on the Council Website) as being an "Adopted Highway" of the Council, they (the Council) have refused to acknowledge responsibility for the repair/upkeep of the boundary walls in the (unlikely) event an accident/incident. As a reminder, the *land* itself (occupied by Terrace Walk) shows as being "Unregistered" with the Land Registry. Until such ownership/responsibility has been established, the sale (and connected chains etc.etc.) are on the brink of collapse as a result. To say this situation is at the "11th Hour" would be an understatement, hence the urgency -John
  13. Big thanks for this advice/input, much appreciated. We've looked into the insurance option but unfortunately our solicitor reckons there's little or no scope with that (not sure of the detailed reasons as to why not, but that has been the consistent advice..). In other news, I have found that 95% of all nearby properties are *Leasehold* - so I'm in the process of tying to find out if there is a consistent holder of these leases (or whatever the plural of "lease" is.. ;-) ) - just in case they also are the "owners" of / are responsible for the elusive Terrace Walk! John.
  14. Hi Jeffrey- Thanks for the reply. In case my original post was unclear, the Council DO own the path, but (and this is as ridiculous as it sounds/reads!) - they _don't_ own the ground / land *underneath* the path (believe it..). This has been backed up by the Land Registry (surely the proverbial "Horse's Mouth" on such matters..?) - who confirmed Terrace Walk as being "Unregistered" (in terms of ownership on the records). So in effect they (the Council) have confirmed that they own the tarmac - and possibly steps at a push.. - but not the _land_ on which Terrace Walk (and their tarmac..) exists! The reason it is significant is because it's connected to a pending house sale in the close vicinity - and it is potentially hinging on the identity of whoever owns (and is therefore responsible for) the *walls* on Terrace Walk (and Terrace Walk itself) being identified - ASAP. Thanks again for the reply. Hopefully someone on here knows something.. but the avenues to pursue (and time) are both running out John. ---------- Post added 23-09-2014 at 19:53 ---------- Hi to you Vincent too. That sounds about right. In this case, the Council to own the "Path" (re: previous reply I have just posted) - and it has as such been described as an "Adopted Highway". This unfortunately does not extend to them actually owning the ground / land on which the "Adopted Highway" is situated. Hope that makes sense. Fingers crossed I'll find out (who owns the *land*) - a couple of new leads to follow tomorrow from elsewhere.. John.
  15. Not so much a "long-shot" as "VERY long-shot"... but here goes: Does anyone on here happen to know anything about the history (and crucially *ownership*) of the public footpath / passageway called "Terrace Walk"? For those unsure of where this is, you'll find it off Junction Road, just before the junction with Penrhyn Road (heading down towards Hunters Bar). The (bottom) entrance to Terrace Walk is on the left-hand-side (before the Penrhyn junction) and the walkway comes out at the end of Hardwick Crescent. Those are the only two entrances to it. Here's a Google Map link (though note that with it being a footpath, Terrace Walk itself isn't on the map..) - but if you switch onto Street View, you'll see it: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Hardwick+Crescent,+Sheffield,+South+Yorkshire+S11+8WB/@53.3652547,-1.4990534,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4879826c9f0e3c77:0xedaee009db418248 The reason for this post is because I'm trying to find out who OWNS Terrace Walk. The Council actually have claimed responsibility for it, but only the "path" itself (and also, one assumes, any streetlighting on the "Walk" too (i.e. but NOT the actual ground/land underneath it(!) - nor (crucially) the walls to either side of Terrace Walk.. (which also don't appear to be on the deeds of the adjoining properties either, based on the research I have carried out. Finally.. a phone call / check with the Land Registry has confirmed that the land/ground occupied by Terrace Walk is officially "Unregistered". This doesn't, however, mean that no-one owns it - merely that such information is not recorded on the Land Registry.. So that explains this post/ramble! A mega long-shot, but in case anyone who lives in the close vicinity happens to have any more information on this one - namely the answer to this question: Who owns "Terrace Walk", Hunters Bar??? Any answers (or advice/etc.) welcomed - and thanks for reading! John.
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