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  1. RAINRESCUE a local charity that saves dogs from being put to sleep and acts as a crisis rescue is holding a charity quiz night at THE RISING SUN FULWOOD ROAD SHEFFIELD on TUES 29TH SEPTEMBER STARTS 7.30 please come and suppoet this worthy charity and help them raise funds for a very very worthy c\harity raffle and general knowledge quiz see you there
  2. So glad you found her and she is safe and back at home x
  3. Me to but after having a wonderful weekend at a friends wedding just thought we would go out to lunch but in the end we fell asleep after reading the papers and eventually had homemade egg and chips lol:hihi:
  4. i was just wondering if the whistle was anything to do with the electronic boards that was all but thanks anyway
  5. I wonder if anyone plays bingo in sheffield went to parkway on sunday goodnight but there must be a electronic way of playing bingo as well cause we heard people blowing whistles in there any thoughts on other bingo clubs would be good thanks
  6. Can anybody recommend anywhere for a really good sunday lunch you know the type lean beef and crispy roasties and not aunt bessie yorkshire pudd thanks
  7. rub lemon juice on it or soak it in napisan always a good idea
  8. the milestone is really good in kelham island the vicarage is amazing far better than fischers at baslow which was awful but the best food in sheffield has to be at millhouses cafe when they have there very good bistro nights once a month 3 courses for 25 quid and take your own wine
  9. yes it has closed down theres a dress shop there now but its only open for another week as it was a liquidation sale and as all the prices were low they have nearly sold everything
  10. thanks to all who have replied but so intrested in history of it can anyone tell me any history about it many thanks
  11. I know what you mean we have looked at loads of houses since we started looking but as we drove past I fell in love with it
  12. thanks granma for you help have googled it what a story have found a post for it saying about the ols guy that lives there so i shall let it be a have no wish to worry him or upset him but what a house
  13. If anybody can give me any advice on this issue i would love to hear from them having moved to sheffield we are house hunting have seen a number of houses which are a nice but not "the one" we drove down rundle road last night and saw a house that took my breath away It looks almost derelict apart from a naked lightbuld in a upsatirs window, it is called "spring leigh " on rundle road nether edge s7 i wouldlove to go and put a note through the door saying if you ever want to sell me your house please call me but i am worried that if a old person lives there it would upset them but having seen the house from the outside i thinkit could maybe even squatters beacause of the condition of the house i have nowish to upset anyone but i would love to see this house being able to retain its beauty i am not a developer just a person who loves older property so if any one on the forum could give me any info i would really appreciate it thanks for any help or information given
  14. can anyone recommend a nice gastro pub in sheffield but not the cricket or the inn at troway many thanks
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