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  1. Hi, I appreciate there are a few similar threads but I can't find the info I'm after. Basically, I want help locating some places to walk my dog that are off the beaten track. Ideally somewhere in the country side. My dog is well behaved and great with other dogs but not great with sheep (will probably chase) so ideally somewhere where this is not a lot of lose cattle. I know about eccesall woods, graves park, chancet wood, beauchief wood. I'm also happy to travel. thank you
  2. Is this the University run boxing club?
  3. thank you for this information and everybody who has sent me a private message. I will be in touch in the new year. Thank you
  4. Hi, are there any boxing coaches in Sheffield that offer one to one tuition? However, I do mean specific boxing coaches (not martial arts coaches who incoporate boxing in their discipline - even though there is nothing wrong with this and I am certainly not making any sort of suggestion of the competence of such instructors). Also, do any of these instructors offer one to one tuition? Also, do they offer this tuition at lunch times? Cheers
  5. Hi, I live in Norton and need to stock up on BARF food. I usually go to the place behind towsure leisure but because of the snow, I don't want to make the journey if they are closed. So does anybody have their contact number? Also, is there anywhere around Norton sell the barf food diet? thank you
  6. one of my mates has one of those Bob thingy's. It looks like a human (from the knees up) and its just been stuck in a garage doing nothing. Its pretty much perfect condition. I think he wants around £150 ( I believe its around £360 new - i think). Let me know if you want me to ask him about it. ta
  7. this is exactly what happened to me, they were very quick to sell me this. I really don't understand why a vet would advise me to buy Hills Prescription from them when I could go elsewhere and try the barf diet at the fraction of the price......oh.
  8. I know, its incredible the difference. What does make my blood boil, is why the hell did the Vet not suggest this diet before? My vet for the last two years has taken us through all the major dry food brands (inc the very expensive). We have had numerous courses of steriods, antibiotics, stomach settling pastes, vitamin tablets, anti sickness tablets, anti diarrhea tablets.......well you get the idea; and none of it really worked. I called the vets up again yesterday to ask their opinion of the BARF diet and they were very dismissive. Their major arguement was that you don't know exactly what nutrients are going into your dog (unlike dry food that has everything labled). To be perfectly honest, I would sooner my crazy mutt live to 6 and be happy and healthy up until that point, than live to 13 and spend her life in a cycle of illness. Fingers crossed this will continue.
  9. A few weeks ago I began the BARF diet (buying by food from the Holme Pet shop - behind towsure leisure) because my dog (who is 2 1/2 years old) has constantly been ill - bad tummy, bad poo, sickness etc. Since we started the BARF diet everything has changed. She has had no sickness, for the first time in years she's gone to the toilet and everything is normal. Her hair is becoming thicker and glossier and her temprement is much calmer. The only thing I'm finding is that she is starting to sniff more when out. Is this because she is looking for something that is missing from her diet? Or is it because she feels better and is simply having a good old sniff? cheers
  10. After my last post (and thanks to the advice of forum members) I've checked out the pet shop on Holme lane and stocked up on frozen meat etc to start my mutt on a BARF diet. Now this may seem like a really stupid question but can I confirm that after when the minced meat/bone has defrosted I give it to my dog raw? My instinct says I should cook it first so your clarification at this point is appreciated. thanks
  11. thank you everybody for such positive advice and thank you to those who have sent me a PM. I will be contact. Quick question, you have mentioned a petshop near towsure leisure, is this pet shop on Holme Lane?
  12. I appreciate that I don't have enough time to explain my predicament in full so you will have to take my word on a lot of what I'm about to write. My dog is 3 years old. In that time she has been very ill with diarrhoea / stomach problems. It took us just over a year to find a food that she could handle, which was Hills prescription ZD (which costs a fortune) but it worked on the whole. However we still had bad days and whenever she relapsed and had incredibly bad diarrhoea, we not only had to feed her chicken and rice for a week, we had to go to the vets and buy all sorts of antibiotics, supplements etc to settle her stomach. The thing I need to stress, that whenever she has a bad turn she is generally out of it for a couple of weeks because it takes so much out of her. After a multitude of tests the vets have established that she has a sever form of IBS. (irritable bowl syndrome) . Anywho, over the last two month, she has struggled to even eat the ZD food. The vets have been great but she is now on an assortment of pills (steroids etc) and they are slowly bringing her back to normal. However, its very hard to stress how down / upset / ill she gets whenever she has a bad turn, which is becoming more frequent. The main problem we have is that we have literally tried 90% of all pet foods out there. Now, the reason why I am emailing you is that somebody has said since we have tried most brands, then why not try going down the natural route. I want to give this a go but I have no idea where to start. Is there anybody in Sheffield that can help me with this? To put it in context, the last time we spoke to the vet, he did start to mention that we are running out of options and he did gently suggest that we may be nearing the end of the road for her, which I agree because it is so sad to see an animal that is ill for 70 % of the year. Any constructive help regarding my question is going to very much appreciated. (and I’ve read all the negative comments about a natural diet and I have taken this on board but I still want to give it a go so no need to warn / share any horror stories) Thank you
  13. I would like to thank everybody for their advice / contact details. I will be in contact when I want to gather quotes. However, one piece of advice. It seems their are two ways to go about building a new garage. 1) Literally have it built from scratch (brick by brick) 2) Or have someone lay a concrete base then buy one of those concrete garages that literally come in 5 pieces and takes a day to knock up. Any suggestions on which way to go? Has anyone got experience in these concrete garages? http://www.hansonconcretegarages.co.uk/Hanson.garages?aW50UGFnZSUzRDk3JTI2UEhQU0VTU0lEJTNEOGRlYjhhNDBlNmViN2UzNmJiOWQyMDQxNzNhZDFhZWU= Again I look forward to your advice.
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