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  1. Millhouses Knit and natter Knit and natter at the Robin Hood Millhouses will be changing nights from Tuesdays to Monday's from the 14th of September still meeting from 7.30pm.
  2. Hi everyone I hope you are all ok it's knit and natter on Tuesday the 20th of January from 7.30pm in the Robin Hood pub on Millhouses lane sheffield 7
  3. Hi Kate the next knit and natter meeting is Tuesday the 6th of January from 7.30pm onwards we meet at the back of the Robin Hood pub which is on Millhouses lane,sheffield 7 it would be lovely to see you
  4. Hi everyone it's knit and natter tomorrow night in the Robin Hood pub on Millhouses Lane we meet from 7.30pm
  5. hi guys i hope you are all well for those of you who enjoy knitting or crocheting we still meet on a tuesday evening at the robin hood pub in millhouses sheffield we meet alternate tuesdays from 7.30pm onwards our next meeting is this tuesday hope to see you there newcomers welcome if anyone needs directions then please message me back and i will be happy to help
  6. hi yes May 1st is the next one and where abouts do you live
  7. hi our next meet is this tuesday we meet at 7.30 onwards in the robin hood pub on millhouses lane we meet fortnightly if u need directions let me know and i will direct u
  8. Hi i dont but i can ask other members of the group for you
  9. hi i hope everyone is ok its knit and natter on tuesday march 6th 2012 we meet at the robin hood pub from 7.30pm onwards everyone welcome see you there
  10. HI Decdore hi i have asked viv and she says it was jan who was getting rid of the sewing machine and she is going to look her number out for u
  11. hi everyone itsn knit and natter on tuesday the 24th of january everyone welcome we meet at the robin hood pub on millhouses lane.
  12. the nest knit and natter is tuesday 10th of january 2012 it is at the robin hood pub on millhouses lane.
  13. hi it takes place on a tuesday at the robin hood pub,from 7.30pm onwards and the next one is tuesday 29th november
  14. hi yes you will fit in we have people who come who are in their late 20s and we go upto the age of 65 and the next one is this tuesday the 29th of november from 7.30pm at the robin hood pub ,millhouses
  15. just a reminder that its our autumn fair tomorrow 10.30am til 2 at millhouses methodist church next to the robin hood pub on millhouses lane.
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