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  1. I've seen some performing outside the Kelham Island Tavern near Shalesmoor, might be worth speaking to someone there to see if they have a contact for them???
  2. Check out this website - http://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/ There are loads on there, like 2 for the price on1 at Zizzi and they keep on putting new ones on there all the time, worth a look. I'd defo recomend Damons too, although it is a bit far out from town. Give the web site a go, see what you think .....
  3. I've been twice, the staff and Doctor were so good I've transferred there full time from my previous doctors. Big thumbs up from me!!!!!
  4. We went to Wokmania before Christmas 2008 and both me and my husband ended up being violently ill - steer away at all costs is my advice. The one on the Centertainment is ace though, excellent food!!!
  5. Monsters vs Aliens 3D, 7 out of 10
  6. I reckon the guy with the gold teeth is ace .... I say Britain, we say talent, Britans got talent with the DJ talent. He's off his face!!!!!
  7. I reckon Philip is gonna win, hands down
  8. Up the top of Wincobank is pretty good, can see for miles from up there
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