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  1. Want to make it a special night- midweek. so where can we go for a great meal.with great atmosphere.thanks
  2. Thinking of having some nice pictures/portraits done before everything heads south. Can anyone recommend a professional photography that has reasonable prices for there prints. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your quick replies. I obviously need to educate myself on this subject.
  4. Hi, Recently discovered that my daughter has been downloading films and tv series etc. I prosume from illegal sites but don't know that for a fact as it's new to me. I am worried about the possibility of prosecution. Does anyone have any experience of this or can recommend sites that are not illegal etc. Should I be worried. Thanks
  5. Hi thinking of sprucing up my kitchen just with replacement doors, anyone had it done and can recommend a company. thanks
  6. Hi I am interested in joining a team im quite fit and 40 ish. I'm available most nights etc. thanks
  7. Try MDO Auto electrics 07950 581415. He is very reliable, and won't rip you off. He's been in business years. I think he covers Sheffield area.
  8. Thinking of having night in sheffield but dont want to get a taxi home, so are there any buses/services etc for getting home to rotherham town centre?thanks
  9. Thanks again everyone, thats very useful advice.
  10. Any body else got any advice - doesnt seem to be many reviews available considering the number of students in sheffield.
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