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  1. If you give a slave enough time ,they will defend their slavery. Peace:|
  2. Rules and laws were drawn up to keep the common man in submission and the elite in power.
  3. Chill out relax no need to get angry .You can stay in your reality and pay all your fixed penalties. Why do you love to see people crashing? sounds sadist.
  4. And many people have tested it in court:thumbsup:
  5. This is not a single legal opinion .This is about knowing what law is:thumbsup:
  6. If he crashes into someone he accepts full responsibility. Its not the same as joy riders etc who have no responsibility. The freeman covers more than just having no-license it is vast.
  7. If anyone is wondering about the post from darren .I assure you this is true.Sounds unbelievable and is a shock when you realise it is true. Peace:|
  8. Yes I had a mate that got into alot of hassle with some debt collectors and a fixed penalty notice. He managed to get off them all thanks to advice from tpuc.org
  9. This is the web site which explains all freeman of the land stuff. http://www.tpuc.org/
  10. Yes agree there chem. We government spend billions on illegal wars and its about time they invested more in housing and support net works to help broken Britain. Peace:|
  11. What pickings are these? chance to get bed for night?
  12. We do need alot more rehab and detox centres. I know alot of addicts who are desperate to get into detox and rehab .But places are very limited. Unless you are jacks straw son {fast tracked into detox and rehab few years ago} then the process can be very long. Considering the amount of money that has been spent on Iraq in the weapons of mass deception thing. It would make more sense to fund these rehab places more. I heard a story on talk sport few years ago.A doctor spoke of the herb IBOGAIN and how its used to get people of heroin addiction without the cold turkey thing.Also very good for helping chronic alcoholics but the pharmateutical industry fought against it because they make too much money on methodome. Sad but true.
  13. There is enough empty property around some of these properties are left vacant for years. In a civilised country there should be no need for people to sleep rough.
  14. Homeless is not a need its a situation certain people find themselves in. This could be down to alcohol/drug addiction. Or mental health issues ,relationship breakdowns etc.
  15. http://www.jesus.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3906 A thread where this is being discussed. 1. Under the Bill of Rights 1689 section 2 clause 12 it is illegal in the first place to give me a fixed penalty fine before presenting me in a court of law so the fine is not valid.
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