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  1. What? Really? We need more buses up here not less. I know this bus only runs between 8-6 but what happens when the 52a becomes unviable just like the other First bus did? What I would really love is a Supertram Link, it wouldn't hurt Stagecoach to tie one in from either Middlewood Road, or Malin Bridge. ---------- Post added 24-04-2017 at 13:37 ---------- This doesn't surprise me. A couple of years ago, there were certain drivers who never charged fares for 'family and friends' who used to just hop on the bus for free. Bugged me then, because I knew this would happen. The only option soon will be on foot, OK going towards Hillsborough, but pretty tough on the way back
  2. Thank you jibbs Edit to Add Sister-in-Law already tried them, and no joy
  3. My nephew has broken his leg, and no one has got a left leg extender for a wheelchair ? Has anyone got one that we can borrow? Thank you
  4. My daughter is currently in her last year at Forge Valley (Y11), and is sitting her GCSE's this year. She was one of the first pupils of the new 'School' Forge Valley. I have to say, that in the time she has spent in school, from moving up from primary, I have never experienced any issue with either the school, or the teaching. I am a strong believer that if the child wants to learn, then they will, regardless of any 'disruptions' that may occur. I'm not saying that other pupils or parents may have issues which are personal to them, but I feel the school has taught my child well.
  5. We drove past about 7.20...saw that there had been an incident, but obviously to busy driving (towards town) to rubberneck. The traffic looked to still be moving at this point, so may just have happened. Hope all involved were ok
  6. I passed at 7.15 this morning...a guy was being helped across the road, where the overspill is for football traffic, by a lady....both were covered in blood...the guy looked to be wearing only underpants...I don't know if they disappeared into the houses at the side of the Wednesday ground, but I lost sight of them, before I turned onto Herries Road...
  7. Supertram Link? We should be so lucky...we put up with the original tram works and disruption whilst it was being built...now we can't get on it due to the 'shipping in' of residents further afield! How did you get to work before the tram? Longer journey time seems like the only option...unfortunately.
  8. Reason for Rehome / Sale - Unfortunately we made an error of judgement and accepted a dog that was far to big/boisterous for its owner. Time Scale – How Urgent? - As soon as possible. Sale Amount - £100 to ensure good home - will be donated to an animal welfare charity. Has the Dog been in Rescue - No. Location - Sheffield. Age & Sex - Approximately 18months Bitch. Breed/ Mix - Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier with large breed unknown we think. KC Registered - No Approximate size - Large Exercise Needed - Yes Neutered & Micro chipped - Yes Vaccinated & Wormed - Yes Live in / out - In Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - Not evident Temperament - Very hyper active, although this could be due to lack of exercise. Good or Bad with Children - In regular contact with children, but would not trust to be left alone with them. Dislike of Men or Women - No OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - No. Although not left alone with other animals she barks and tries to get of the lead when other dogs present Travel OK in Car - N/A Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - No. The only time she has been left, she was quite destructive. Destructive Behaviour - Only when left. Barks - Yes Pull on the lead - Yes Crate trained - No Housetrained - Yes General Information you can share about the Dog. This is my elderly mums dog. She has only had her for just under a year. We accepted her from another home, after being told the owner could not take her with her when she moved. We bought her after my mum had lost her dog after 19 years. With hindsight, unfortunately, we have made an error of judgement, and the dog is way to big and boisterous for my mum to handle. She is unable to hold her on a lead, and I am worried the dog may knock my mum over when she jumps up at her. I have contacted various rescue centres, but either they have not replied or they are full. Honey, the dog, would make some one a lovely loyal pet, but she needs someone with a firm hand, who can spend time with her. I am happy to answer questions, but please, no time wasters or jibes. We know we have made a mistake, and are trying to do the right thing for the dog. Any prospective owners are welcome to come and see her, but likewise, if you were interested, and decided she was the dog for you, then we would deliver her to your address, which will also be used to update her microchip.
  9. I looked at the revised timetable for the 14 (or 84) a couple of days ago, and If I read this correctly, the last bus is quite early...don't know if its around 8.15 ish....if this is correct, its not very good for public transport users of the Wisewood/Loxley area.... Jayne
  10. That's great news...we shall be at the next one I'm sure! Jayne
  11. Hi Sam I have only just seen this. What a great idea! My daughter has lots of little boys clothes for sale, all like new. Unfortunately the first sale is today, so wont have time to make this one! Will you update this post after todays event, with the response? Hopefully we will make the one in March (Hillsborough) Jayne
  12. So, we got married, it was a lovely day and everything was lovely...except for the flowers . Really disappointed, the flowers appeared almost dead when they arrived, and all the bouquets (Brides, bridesmaids and posies) were all completely dead within 2 days of the wedding...so, I won't be recommending Sarah's. Jayne
  13. Hi Denlin My brother Mark, worked at Greaves..do you remember him? Jayne
  14. Ok, So I've got my flowers sorted (Sarah's) and my car (5th Avenue Limos - 3 hours hire for 230.00 including Ribbons, bows and bubbly!) I think we have our hair sorted, our regular hairdresser is going to do it, although we have to travel to her, so that just leaves makeup I think... Thank you to all who have replied, just over 4 weeks to go! Eek... Jayne
  15. We are paying for our daughters orthodontics, so that she won't have to stay on the waiting list for approximately two years. We are paying £3,500, but her teeth will be sorted before they would have even started treatment on the NHS. Jayne
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