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  1. I remember Maureen Straw who used to work at post office ont' Manor. We used to shop around there at Unwins grocers and Gebharts pork butchers. Gebharts always immaculately clean! Across the road was Hagues fish 'n chip shop!
  2. Thanks scousemouse.... Mick was a top footballer at school but I seem to recall he might have got injured. Did he get far with his football?
  3. Thanks for the post Ray. I am David Price and well remember the Rodman/Rowan/Vyse triumvirate. You all did well and, as I recall, went on to A levels at the Grammar School, and beyond. The other names you mentioned brought back memories. I understand the school has now been demolished. Google Earth almost caught the works halfway through! I have lived in Australia since 1968; now enjoying retirement between homes in Melbourne and the Gold Coast in Queensland. davidprice99@gmail.com
  4. Sorry Sheffgrow but it always pays to check the rear vision mirror now and again. Like your Blades logo! Cheers!
  5. Greetings to my long lost mates on 'Manor. I hear your moaning and self pity. Nothings changed has it? I departed Queen Mary Road many years ago and found my paradise in a warm climate. Get a grip and take control of your lives. Accept personal reponsibility for your shallow, empty and fearful lives and move out and onwards! It's easy when you really want to... but you've got to want it... and stop making excuses. I now get quiet enjoyment from reading about the cesspool from which I escaped. You can escape... do it now! Best wishes from Paradise!
  6. G'day... like you I was idly googling Hadfields and came across your thread. I worked at Hadfields in Vulcan Road in 1964 in the cost accountancy office straight out of school. My boss was Dennis Hudson. There were some good blokes there such as John Barker, Cass (?) Peter Ford (who was killed in a car crash that year) John Welbourne, Steve Shaw. Our neighbour Steve Draycott was a turner there although he had retired before I started. I have fond memories of wandering around the works watching the pouring of the castings for turrets and also watching the moulds being prepared for the lost wax process. A great guy whose name I can't remember was in charge of the casting plant and when queried on discrepancies with the number and weight of certain jobs would always respond "thems niver that!!". It became a signature comment! The cold mornings were always made tolerable by the bacon butties we got from the canteen which I recall was quite close to the main entrance. These were the days when punched card sytems were giving way to punched tape. A number of the best and brightest were seconded to what we would call today the IT team. I was not one of them but I used to sneak a look at the work they were doing.... in retrospect it was prettty basic programming but good on Hadfields for having the nouse to invest in their own for this R&D. I left after a year and joined the National Provincial Bank on the Moor.
  7. Thanks PB.... what about Guy Radford, Paul Leaman, Pat(?) Quirk, John Maslen? Cheers!!
  8. I knew a Mick Rodgers when we were at Standhouse in the late 50's.... he lived on Basildene... I lived at 197 Queen Mary. My mates in that part of QM between Payler Close and Queen Mary Crescent were Barry Freeman, Georgie Doors, Eileen Bland, Kathleen Bland, Graham Draycott, Barry Hayes, Keith Chapman from Waltheof and others I just can't remember now.... reading these threads does give my memory a work out though!! Cheers from Oz but made in Sheffield!!
  9. I was there from '59 to '64... Edgerton was the Headmaster and Lupton the deputy. In my year were Ray Vyse, Michael Rowan, Andrew Housley, Mike Rodman, Michael Lyne (?), Pat Chalan (?), Derek Collier,Paul Godbehere, Mick Sharpe, Mick Viney.... any news on these names ??
  10. Thanks Winks!!.... amazing what turns up!... next time you contact Barry you might say that David Price was enquiring as to his whereabouts.... I have been in Australia for 41 years now. Cheers!!
  11. Remember Mick Viney at Hurlfield Boys! Top footballer... broke his leg in a match... we all thought he could have achieved anything.... remember teachers after him about spending too much time playing football and not enough in class!! He had a mate Dave Hall... same class!
  12. Thanks OddJobs.... don't recall any of those names.... we lived in Queen Mary between Payler Close and Queen Mary Crescent. Across the road lived Georgie Doors who won a lot of money on the Pools! Any news on him? I think Barry Freeman went to NZ to live?? Keith Chapman lived in Waltheof.... worked for Avery's the scale people! Our neighbours were the Draycotts on one side and the Whites on the other! Graham Draycott had a BSA (500 I think)... big banger!
  13. I lived at 197 queen mary road until 1968. Whatever happened to Keith Chapman from Waltheof Road and Brain Hayes, Barry Freeman from queen mary road and the Rileys and O'connors from payler Close??
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