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  1. Does any one have a list of the little shops which existed during the 60's and 70's between the Royal Oak and Ridgeway Road , any links to photo's would be appreciated
  2. I am researching Frechville Community Centre in the late1930 early 1940 and understand that some friends (who have passed on ) performed in Variety Shows that were held there. Has anyone any knowledge about this period The names which spring to mind are Jane Hobson and Edna Morley Thanks
  3. The Previous contact phone number has changed to 07930 370729 pitches for the Funday are still available from £10-00 details
  4. Saw a vehicle jump red light, today did not cause any problems today no red light camera, but I noticed there was a Dome CCTV - and wondered- are they monitored live - are they used for road traffic infringements
  5. Sorry did not make advice very clear Should have mentioned the spray was from an old scent bottle
  6. try spraying the pup with cold water it does not harm the pup It works with our dog
  7. Richmond Park Sunday Funday is on Sunday 6th August 11- 3 Free Entry Lots of entertainment - for all to enjoy pitches still available from £10-00 details 07930 370729 Main Entrance Hastilar Rd Sth S13 8LF Bus 7 to Normanton Hill Entrance (Jazzy's Crossing ) Bus 25 40 toSt Catherines Church
  8. Hi i have been discussing The roadworks on Dronfield By pass - basically the discussion was how a lot of drivers exceed the temporary speed limit In my case last Thursday; whilst travelling from Whit Moor towards the Sheepbridge) turn off (respecting the temporary 30 limit) vehicles passed me at a least 50mph repeating the journey today made me wonder if the various road works have ever been enforced
  9. I have family who work alternate Sunday's but can only Guarantee having Easter Sunday and Christmas Day off
  10. try Pennyholme Crafts ; Market Street; Eckington a wide range of crafting materials also the make business cards and stamps to order ps She who must be obeyed tells me it is the oldest independent Craft Shop in the area
  11. Their are two Roads in and out of Hollybank Estate Amey today managed to close both of them - luckily I was allowed by Amey's staff to use one of the closed roads carefully to leave the estate. Has this happened in other parts of the city
  12. Yes the Pond has not been looked after, but I note that the ponds name has been changed to "Woodthorpe Pond ' why when it has been Richmond Pond / Fishpond for ever
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