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  1. Don't you think the woman wasn't by INTENTIONALLY entering DESIGNATED smoking area and then complaining, as someone has said "I will sit, sod what the sign says"? That shows self-importance and superiority ! ARE YOU DILLUSIONAL!
  2. Oh yes, Beer, at least I have the balls to leave my mistake up on the forum and not edit them.
  3. She sounds like the person who went off in a huff at that pub you was at.
  4. If you read the past posts, it has already been defined. ARGH!
  5. Excuse me, I never had bike sheds at my school. Don't make assumptions. Also I have a degree, what do you have? Also I left 'high' off intentionally And thirdly your reply just now, shows that you are indeed on your 'high horse' (happy now).
  6. My guess is that Sentinel just wanted to smoke where he was able to.
  7. Yes, it would be polite to ask. But did she ask him if it was ok to sit down and eat near him? I know people who hate it when people sit near them and then scoff their face full of food, with their mouths normally open and you can clearly hear them eat. Oh and then they usually talk with their mouths full... Even so she did not have to go off in a huff, as segasonic has said I would not be surprised if she did it on purpose.
  8. Yes, she did politly ask, but that does not prove that she was there before him he might have been sat there supping his drink before she turned up Also it's not wrong for a smoker to assume another person in a smoking area is not a non smoker? How did he know? Don't you think it's silly to ask someone who you think doestthe same as you? Don't you think it's stupid for example to go in a pub and go to the bar then say to the person stood/sat at said bar, who is not the barstaff "Excuse me, do you mind that I buy and drink a beverage from here?" I think it is.
  9. How do you know the diner was there before the smoker? How do you know it wasn't the other way round? How do you know other smokers where not present? Also you have missed the part that has been said that the smoking area is a SMALL part of a LARGE Beer garden. She could have sat in a 'non smoking area' of the beer garden, but chose not to? I think with this and her reactions do indeed show arrogance.
  10. Already on your horse? OK Let me simplify it for you. It wouldn't surprise me that we will end up having two types of pubs, ones that allow smoke anywhere and are for smokers, where non smokers are banned or if they are allowed cannot complain and pubs that ban smoking altogether and may even ban smokers. (A bit like in america with the 'whites' only places and no im not being racist) Did you understand that or would you like me to go down to infant school level? P.S I could question your grammar in your title, 'Ciggie'? Starting a sentence with an 'And' . Oh yes, you missed the " off the end of your quote.
  11. A bit like sending fake stories to Dear Deidre? Would be amusing to be part of it!
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