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  1. Tudgay is awful but probably wednesdays best player. Burnley must be desperate.
  2. Have a wander around the manor and look at the creatures.
  3. There is not a good club in Sheffield. Embrace, Plug and the leadmill are the most disgraceful clubs I have ever been in in my life.
  4. Its a dump full of student losers.
  5. Becuase you cant fill your ground. You need us to do it for you.
  6. And the winner of the most pointless post ever is........
  7. A few weeks ago I was walking through fargate when that weirdo gok-wan was strolling around. Now this guy is clearly some kind of alien freak of a being and yet there were people getting all excited about his presence. What the hell is wrong with people? Why do they get so excited if they see some z list imbecile off coronation Street or Hollyoaks or something? Can someone shed some light on this matter. I mean Gok-wan, I was more excited about finding out I had just stepped in a turd.
  8. lol brilliant post. I love how you added "the princess of power" as if to clarify who she was.
  9. I love it when wednesday fans say "people outside sheffield still see wednesday as the bigger club" what a load of rubbish. What is this statement based on? United are a bigger club than wednesday, thats obvious. Noone gives a toss about wednesday anymore. The crowds reflect that.
  10. United have done the double over the pigs more than vice versa idiot.
  11. You must be a chav love. Noone normal would choose those pubs if they were not a chav. You must be blind if you have not seen rowdy crowds in your choice of dumps.
  12. I have never been proven wrong in my life.
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