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  1. These are them poppins, proper nice http://www.rollover-uk.com/yorkshire-overview.html
  2. I like mine with stew, gravy, with a roast dinner for a change to yorkies, Also love em with vinegar, yes vinegar try it before u knock its lush
  3. thanks amy i will look at the recipes and see if it gives me some ideas and help, x
  4. Well done hun, it is very hard work, but just look how they are thriving, they are gorgous puppies. It will get easier as they are growing x
  5. Ive been to asda and morrisons and they had none left, first year for me without a pumpkin
  6. We knew someone who had there shopping late, they complained and they got all there shopping for FREE also was givin vouchers, from asda aswell,
  7. Hi thanks for yr info, so u have any further information on the desmond course thanks
  8. awww guzziowl am so sorry, thats so sad. I am type 2 and confused with all lot of it, am seeing dietcian next week maybe she can help me
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