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  1. Ive moved twice with my 3 in 4 years- the first time, we moved the cats across first- as the new house had a conservatory, so first thing we put them in the carriers and took them over. Leftout a litter tray/food water, and closed the door. That evening we opened the door, so they could wander downstairs. And kept them inside for 2 weeks (easier said than done when one Cat is an ex feral and hates being inside) With the most recent move, we moved the cats last- again left them in the conservatory and then once all the other furniture was moved we let them into the kitchen. Let them into the rest of the house next morning- just sort of ignored them and let them nosey round With the recent move it was a bit more of a pain as we moved literally round the corner so once we let them out they did go back to the old house a couple of times. Good luck
  2. They can usually be a week in front or behind that early
  3. Hi I need to arrange for a new TV aerial to be fitted for my mum and possible extra point in bedroom S12 area, 2 story semi Please message with quote- called a few places but seem extortionate compared to what the tv provider can arrange Would like ideally before Xmas
  4. Ah, compensation..it's what it's always ever about these days. Some of the posts- head office/duty manager.. Over spongy chicken.. Seriously.. : I suppose it must be nice that that's all some people have in their lives to moan about. Full investigation, doubtful. Just waffle to appease another moaner.
  5. I moved out at 19, with an ex partner. I briefly had to move back into my parents for 6 weeks 3 years later and couldn't cope with it- quickly my own place- once i'd had my own space could never look back (28 now)
  6. My husband. Being healthy. (when immediate family have had/got cancer/illnesses- I know I'm lucky I am fine) Christmas Eve Hometime on a Friday evening.
  7. When I say small, it's small.. It's about 5ft wide 15ft long and then has a bit at the bottom to get a table and chairs in, it's only a terrace I have. It's why id have liked to have hired a pub beer garden or a section of it but can't seem to find anything that's not going to cost a fortune
  8. I would love a garden reception, it would be my ideal, i'd have fairly lights/flowers etc, and we can personalise our food (not the nasty standard buffet stuff most pubs seem to want to give you.) Unfortunately our garden just isnt big enough, we think the numbers now will be 20, its just too many for my house. Someone suggested having a picnic/bbq at clumber park, but then (me being practical) thought about if theres any near by toilets etc/people would have to drive/couldnt have a drink if they wanted So far we cant seem to find any pubs that just hire out a beer garden (for exclusive use) and alot of the function rooms are chargeable/want to provide DJ's/their buffets which we didnt want. its stressing me out to the point where we're thinking lets not bother. My parents are taking us for a meal straight after the wedding itself, before we go to the airport, and I'd be happy with that- but then theres the rest of the family. Just a shame I dont have a bigger garden- we even looked into the costing up of moving house before the wedding!
  9. hello, after alot of searching I thought id try on here. My partner and I are getting married in July, a very small wedding and we are going on holiday the same day. We haven't wanted any fuss or anything traditional or fancy but we would like a family get to together after We love the idea of a family BBQ/general buffet food and a few drinks. We don't want to go through a proper hotel or pub for food we want to do it ourselves and cook it ourselves etc but our garden at home isn't big enough. There would only be between 13-25 people-(numbers not decided) but we just want somewhere small, no catering required just somewhere we can have our BBQ and own food- happy to pay for the rest of the facilities at a reasonable cost (we had thought about clumber park but we'd be restricted on having a drink. Location anywhere in South Yorkshire myself and partner are in Doncaster but my family are all in Sheffield and rotherham Any suggestions/can anyone help
  10. We are looking to have a small reception when we get home from honeymoon ideally either 20th july, 2nd or 30th august no more than 25ish people (tbc). Ideally we would like it to be a BBQ/or hog roast style, nothing formal. we are struggling to find a venue that is suitable for a small party- we are able to arrange our own catering if required (we've looked at doncaster hog roast).any suggestions? wouldnt mind it being like a big field (with facilities) or a private beer garden, or function room if necessary no service needed, and we dont want any formal sit down (ridiculously overpriced per head) meal
  11. It's proving difficult since there isn't many of us
  12. hi I am just looking for ideas for a small wedding reception next 4th July. We are going to get married at Doncaster register office (live in donny) an we only want our immediate family with us For the reception I don't want a big fuss I would like a small garden party or BBQ or pub with private room hire/ideally with outside area There will be a maximum of 13-20 people there total Most venues I've seen seem to aim at the full package or 50+ guests. It needs to be in South Yorkshire
  13. Agreed, went there a year ago for a family birthday the food was terrible, for what we paid. No resturant should serve frozen fruit. Awful
  14. Not necessarily- the two I have are for me- they mean something to me, and although can be seen dependant on what I'm wearing, what they say and mean is purely for me, so I don't feel obliged to translate what one says when someone asks
  15. Crispy shredded chilli chicken (can never make it as nice as the takeaway)
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