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  1. RIP Owlad -Thank you for the giggles with your fun banter alongside the other 'boys' in the good fun days x
  2. I think lack of support plays an important factor. If you have no support network and are a first time mum it's an effort to get yourself out there and start socialising with other mummies. I know I found it hard and having no family and a partner who works away lots meant I was on my own with baby for too long. But sometimes when it's cold and wet it seems like too much of an effort to get outside.
  3. Good to hear Dot is still doing this.. I have lots of bits and pieces but a bit house bound at the moment.. Once mobile will get the stuff together for her. What area does Nikki live at? The woman we used to give stuff to pass onto Dot no longer lives in our area.
  4. Hmmmm - you might find that you are phoning them to see if little one is having a good time:). I phone every day to ask how my ES is doing. I have only ever been contacted if ES has been ill or an accident and in both cases I'd want them phoning me.
  5. Decent bread and have different types Decent amount of fillings ( not a smear of tuna like you are spreading margarine) Decent ingrediants e.g if using ham lovely ham please not watery stuff Local produce if possible
  6. We used them and I was rather surprised at how easy it all was and that the delivery guy had a happy smile on his face and was charming (most are grumpy and snarl)
  7. Go on a barge trip in the day then the grown-ups go out in the evening for meal/band/80's night
  8. I very much remember my bestmate went to collect her 2 girls from the CM one Friday to be informed that she couldn't look after them for the next few weeks cos' she was off to the USA on hols. My mate had to take unpaid leave from work which was huge cost that she could ill afford and nearly lost her job over it. Lots of stress for her. I know this is a rare case but it made me think that CM's have holidays so do I have to match mine to theirs? They are ill so I'd have to take time off work...etc.. Saying that I know some great childminders... It's like everything in life, you need to do your research very well...
  9. Hi It's a big cost isn't it? My son's nursery costs slighty more than that per day. Thankfully after 3yrs old you do get 15hrs free per week which does help,. Also check if you and your partner's work do the child vouchers scheme where you pay for childcare through your wages ( you get a voucher to spend) and you get a bit of a tax break. That helps a little. I took the first year off work then went back part-time and costs were nearly £500 a month. Thankfully my part-time wage was still worth working for and it's been a case of "well we don't pay it forever". And as I said when he reached 3 yrs old there was a drop of about £150 a month cos' he got 15hrs free.
  10. Stop being so sensible You'll ruin the debate
  11. Will give my HV a big hug when I see her. She is really down to earth and sensible. She knows every baby does it's stuff in it's own way and it's own time. I did have a problem with my eldest and she was so helpful and calming and right! You can ask her any daft question and she doesn't assume you are a loon who shouldn't be near a baby.. I am deffo lucky to have my HV..
  12. All the places I shop at have the disabled spots nearest to the store - then it's the P&C spots.... Have you complained to the stores about this Mr Benn? Cole Brothers has to be the worst carpark for lack of space between car doors but suppose it's the mighty big 4x4's that take up a few more vital inches of door swinging space...
  13. A 'friend' of ours left her daughter 4yrs old at one of these playcentre birthday parties (she sneaked off before anyone knew). And of course it was her daughter who got hurt in the mouth with plenty of blood and wobbly teeth and was crying for her mummy. It wasn't fair on the parents of the birthday child. They took care of the poor mite until they could get hold of 'mummy' to return so she could be taken to the Dr to be checked out. They should have been enjoying their child's party. And that little girl doesn't get invited to as many parties in case her mummy pulls that trick again.
  14. awww what a lovely post ... Cheered me up lots reading this xxx
  15. It is fabby but can I ask why cards are not being sold at the cathedral? I loved that part of getting ready for Xmas.... go and pick cards and then go and light a candle.
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