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  1. Chat rooms are a bit too ambigious for some. The trendier bars in the city centre (everyone knows what they are) are good on nights like Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Some of them get overcrowded on Wednesday's because of people going before Bed nightclub - I'd recommend going there with a few (less attractive) lady friends and they'll complement you perfectly. Cheeky, I know, but it should work.
  2. It's hard enough for Sheffield to shake off it's reputation as a 'dirty' industrial town!!! Did anyone see Top Gear a couple of weeks ago when Jeremy Clarkson took the new Nissan 300SX for a ride up at Attercliffe? Made Sheffield look DISGUSTING! We need someone in the media to like Sheffield, please!
  3. To whoever sported the insanely ridiculous remark about 'posh kids being addicted to weed', there are some fundamental errors that have been made. Numero uno, weed contains no addictive substances - you can't get hooked on it - but you can get hooked on the tobacco that many people lace it with. Also, I think it'd be a fair guess to suggest that much of the crime in places like Manor Park and Burngreave (definitely) is drug-related. So, if Ecclesall etc. has the drug problem, then it should coincide with, and therefore have the crime problem. So by contradiction, you've made an invalid point and embarassed yourself to an extent. I don't think you can class an area as particularly bad, but more the people within it. For instance, there are some nice big houses on Prince of Wales Road - but the people who live in them have forced it into a run-down and crime-ridden area. I know I'm happy in South-West Sheffield, thank you very much. PS. I've got 12 empty garages up my road. My road is populated mostly by 60+, as I look out of my window, I see NO litter, just leaves on the roadside and wait...I've not heard a car go down my road in the last 30 or so minutes - even though I live on a road that conjoins the arterial roads of Ecclesall and Abbeydale Road. Thanks for reading, Rican
  4. Read the signature. And Rarstar, it's not that Wednesday have a divine right to play in top-flight football. It's just the more intelligent and open-minded citizens of Sheffield would enjoy to have an internationally-known team again. It just makes people happy to see any team from their home town achieve. And let's be honest, Sheffield United are never really going to get far are they? I think, as much as we're struggling right now, it'll only ever be Sheffield Wednesday that holds the reputation of Sheffield's best football club. Rican
  5. Mikey, You live in the area I'm talking about - so you must know the intimidating situations that elderly villagers are put through by the large gatherings of 'street' youths. You almost certainly know about the stabbing at the rec a few years ago - everyone involved was from areas other than Dore. I'm glad it attracts people from Sheffield - but they need to remember that it's a village event, and if they come, it's to enjoy the festivities, not just as an excuse to get drunk on street corners and be noisy. Rican
  6. Hi, I am a resident of Dore - and have been all my life. As part of the 'village life' that Dore has survived, ducks et al, it seems almost upsetting to see that the Festival week has attracted such an abundance of trouble. Having just had the gala last week, it was a shame to see fighting occur more than once and I spoke to a number of people who stayed away for fear of being mugged. But this did pose one question for me, why the gala? I knew of many people that had travelled from Sharrow to Dore for the gala, when the Sharrow Festival was on the same day. I didn't understand that. Nor did I understand why so many youths who are looking to mug people/cause trouble are attracted to a traditionally village-orientated event. Maybe some of those people who enjoy causing the problems could tell me their attraction, or if anyone else has noticed this too. Had to say my piece, it was quite an annoyance on Saturday. Rican
  7. Next tram destination: Millhouses, Ecclesall, Dore, Totley
  8. Hi, Is anyone here in an under-21/under-18 (or similar age) football league that operates specifically in the Sheffield region. I have been looking for one to join next year (when I'll be 17) but as of yet, all have been full Senior leagues or have involved travelling as far as Maltby. Pitz is no good as I need an 11-a-side team that can play on grass. So, I am looking for a league that is based in Sheffield and which is relatively cheap, as in a one-off registration fee. I don't really want to be playing amongst 22+ year olds but I can't travel further than the Sheffield borders. Also, are there any leagues (besides Pitz) that I can run an original team from? Many thanks, Rican
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