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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to have my first go at building some basic furniture - a work bench and a garden picnic bench to start with. I've looked for timber and for the lengths I need, basic planed square edge (PSE) is coming out at £120 for just the picnic bench materials. Am I doing my calculations wrong or is wood just really that expensive? I can buy a picnic bench for £80 on ebay! And can anyone suggest a good timber supply? Preferably recycled. Thanks Joe
  2. Sorry Guys. I work at the ol' Pizza Hut your bunny slapping. If you're not happy tell the manager, she's a legend and she'll listen to ya. I work in the kitchen and I can tell you that if you want a definite good quality pizza then dont call peak hours (6 - 9)(but pleaseeeeeee not 3 min before closing, hehe) especially at the weekend. We get around 300 orders placed in a few hours, and its kitchens job to make them! Unfair representation for the Hut here. Theres a reason its the biggest pizza chain in the country and its not cause its too greasy and overpriced! And yes we're being balled by the credit crunch. Nibbles kicks ass too. Peace
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