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  1. Am I going mad? Just be woken up by a loud noise outside in Hillsborough and no idea what it is. Any ideas?
  2. When does the Next Home store near Meadowhall open please anyone? I saw there was a sign outside with it on but I can't remember when it said.
  3. I really liked Howard! He seemed like a really nice genuine bloke. He has done Sheffield proud.
  4. Anyone been? Anyone going? How big is this event? Is it good? Just wondering if it's worth a trek over...
  5. Very possibly! Enough for police to put notes through doors to ask for witnesses.
  6. Just done it and its come up a treat. Thanks again!
  7. That's good to know and should save me a bit of cash! Thanks you two!
  8. I think it May have been related to a smashed window at the vacant house upon further investigation
  9. I have recently bought a second hand car. The upholstery is not as clean as I would like - some stains and I think the previous driver was a smoker. The inside has been cleaned but I think a deeper clean of the upholstery is needed. Can any of you recommend anyone? Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know what happened on Steade Road on Saturday? Apparently there was an incident where police want witnesses. No idea what has gone on.
  11. I can only see what is on "this day" at Pure Gym - is there a full timetable anywhere that I'm missing? Just seen kettlebells is on at 7.30am
  12. Is there an online fitness class programme for Living Well? I can't find one. I also can't see kettlecise on the Pure Gym fitness class programme. Wah!
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