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  1. Does anybody know of any Ceilidh bands that also have disco or even a singer Ive just seen one called tatties online but they are miles away I wondered if anybody more local similar set up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT5vfNPw010 Looking to book one in June for our wedding we don't want the ceilidh all night maybe just for an hour, to break the evening up and as it will be on a farm we thought it would be appropriate. However we would also like a disco with general mix of music for all age groups don't mind if there is a singer involved either.
  2. Hi this was Eddie Fishermans my uncle but has passed away thats why its gone and house was empty
  3. I have put some pictures of what my garden before and after so you can see how I used them. I used old and new ones Before http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s150/oggyngolly/P4190006.jpg After http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s150/oggyngolly/P5190003.jpg http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s150/oggyngolly/P5190004.jpg
  4. CB Radio User Eddie Fisherman, Sadly Passed Away. Terminator kindly started a thread in memory of Eddie Fisherman under Sheffield discussions thought I would put link here in case you wanted to read http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=346621
  5. Terminator kindly started a thread in memory of Eddie Fisherman under Sheffield discussions thought I would put link here in case you wanted to read http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=346621
  6. Hi just warning others, mine and my neighbours shed was broke into last night the biggest thing can see took so far was my neighbours radiac and my angle grinder and tool box so dont know what their plan is next or if they will try and sell but would be grateful if anybody hears of anyone selling. Thanks
  7. Hi my partner called me at 4:30pm to say they were trapped in the canteen at bassetts in hillsborough. The river had burst its banks and surrounded them and it was knee high then so for health and safety they wernt allowed out as they didnt know whats in it, not heard since if anybody has heard anything please let me know.
  8. I dont really want to claim it as then I will be accepting its responsibilty and I havent had anything to do with it as it was like it when moved in. My garden is a massive project anyway and this would be extra expense to sort. I understand what you mean with claiming but I dont want the hasstle. Its nobodys because every body has there concrete posts and this heap is inbetween so doesnt belong to anybody.
  9. Hi my garden is under construction this year but I need some idea of what to do with the bit which will be behind my fence its nobodys land yet it looks like everybody has dumped crap there over the years. So far I have had about 10 skips and I dont want to waste my money on this bit which will go behind fence eventually. How can I cover the rest of the rubbish that is there should I throw wild flower seeds on but they will only look nice I presume at certain times? Or could I plant some bush type thing that can spread, but I dont want to have to maintain I want something that doesnt grow tall but looks green all year through dont mind something that flowers. Does holly spread? any suggestions please? if you want to look at picture to give better idea hopefully the links below will work. I have one from before I started work which has grass on and one with the fence removed and state its in at the moment. I dont want to do all my garden and then then sit at the top and see all the rubbish behind. I can only put a small fence because of the wind and also it doesnt look that bad in summer. http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s150/oggyngolly/P4190004.jpg http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s150/oggyngolly/PC100004.jpg
  10. Thanks for your comments I found some info on foundation required concrete from a website that seems very useful for all sorts of building/diy tips called wwwpavingexpert.com I have been to a few places today it seems I can get them for £18 each including delivery because I need about 40 although the new ones seem to be softwood. I can either get them from a supplier opposite sitwell arms at eckington or quarry top garden centre at eckington either way both same price. Found some other places but more expensive. Spoke with a bloke who can chainsaw them into sizes I want, but I have to decide if I hire one myself or buy a petrol one.
  11. I got my cameras from maplins Super Night Owls (no sound)they can see in pitch black no extra light necessary, during the day they are colour and switch to black and white at night. I paid £130 each for cameras sometimes they are on offer at £99 and bought a PCI card from ebay for about £30 inc delivery instead of £100 from maplins. You need PC on all time best is to record by motion detection then it doesn’t use unnecessary space on your computer. To give you an idea I have mine set to motion detection only and since 1st of Jan it has used nearly 4 gig pc for 2 cameras located at front and back. Obviously this depends on how often set off. Before this I tried cheaper cameras but didn’t work at night, I also tried a hard drive separate unit which was about £500 by the time I finished and it couldn’t connect to TV as NSCT (American) or something not PAL so sent this back and decided on buying a pc for the job. I did connect one to dvd recorder but you need to record continuously so uses up space quicker and one big file, compared with pc it shows individual incidents time etc.
  12. Hi I tried different cameras and at night they dont work, I know you have already bought but consider taking them back and buying better ones, I paid £130 each for Super Night Owls from Maplins and they do see in pitch black. Sometimes they have them on offer at £99. Would need a pci card to connect them to computer and pc on 24 hours a day.
  13. Hi I have night vision cameras linked to pc I tried other cameras but at night you cant see anything. You do need signs up by law to warn people you are recording and they should be a certain size you would need to look this up. I am sure you cant film just general stuff it needs to be your property. The cameras I use are from maplins called super night owl, I paid £130 each which isnt cheap but they do work sometimes they have them on offer at £99, if I look onto my back garden in pitch black cant see anything with eyes but I can see on the PC. The camera comes with a certain amount of cable but I had to buy extra because of distance of camera location. COlour during day and swith to black and white at night. You need a PCI card which you fit inside your pc as well, Maplins sell for about £100 but I bought mine from Ebay for about £30 inc delivery. I wouldnt pretend it was easy to suss out at firat as lot of different features It does mean you need the computer swithed on 24 hours a day and some of the programs can send images to an email incase somebody broke in to your property and stole the pc. You can receord continuosly or motion detection or between certain times loads of settings to chose from. They dont take that much space either recording. There not an eye soar either but depends if you want them to be they do glow red at night but generally people never notice them. Hope this helps
  14. Hi Just wondered if somebody could tell me whats best to do for prep of railway sleepers, I will be using as retaining walls, I was going to do the same as if going to build a wall by laying a foundation of concrete but then somebody said I didnt need to do that? Anybody any experience? What is best to use to cut them a Chainsaw will that work??? I was going to drill holes through and put them over metal rod which would be concreted into foundatation. I have seen metal girders used but prefer not to use. I will need at least 40 which should I use, children to play in area so I suppose new treated but not the old reclaimed creasote ones? Anybody know if I can get bulk cheaper somewhere please.
  15. I have been to viva tequila and it was good its just too far out I need something more central. Whats the deal with cutlers hall? will have to look at that
  16. I am also looking for the same thing for work approx 30 people, 9th December friday night for a mad lot of people and we went to mad greek last year had a great time I hope we dont work for the same place and both doing same job ha ha. Needs Music Food and Alcohol somewhere to dance if poss or they will use the tables if not. I got menu from dogs owlerton stadium but £27:95 per head a bit much to start with before drinks. I would prefer to have the option not to have dessert which would make it cheaper. Various ages of people so variety is important ie steak or authentic.
  17. Thanks for the info I will look at in more depth later. I am thinking of hard drive specific for cameras not on PC. Budget not sure if I could get the lot for £500 including 2 cameras and hard drive any other bits etc. what you think?
  18. I am looking to buy a couple of external security cameras for House I have had a look in Maplins and I am going to try the place on Shalesmoor. However I am not sure on spec and things what is good quality just wondered if anybody knows this or has some that they can recommend. Thinking of getting hard drive not sure how many hours these record this is so I don’t have to mess about with tapes etc. I wanted it to record on movement so take it I need PIR detectors? the cameras I have looked at don’t have PIRs on them so is this something related to hard drive or can I buy them separate or do I need t in built. If a hard drive can record for days then I won't be bothered about movement detectors. If anyone can give any advice or has got some good ones and can tell me where to go or buy please help.
  19. Hi just to let you know Eddie fisherman is my uncle, he still on Wybourn and got CB with same angle.He hasn't been on for a about a month as his ariel has broke and is waiting to get it repaired. If you speak to him ask him about wearing womens clothes for a joke cheers.
  20. When she got it I removed a couple of programs she didn't need using add remove programs only photo and games stuff from what I remember I installed AOL as well as this was her internet provider at the time and it was all working. She had been using it on the ironing board which has one of those covers on that will reflect heat so not sure if any of this is related or not if over heated or static in battery or computer. Not sure if tried to read disc I put in a windows xp disc last night to see if would read and repair or anything dont have original disc which would have been ME edition but it didn't read xp disc anyway it did the same as usual. The way the beeps seem to sound are 1 beep with a pause then 3 beeps in a row this takes probably about 10 seconds before it restarts. I originally contacted HP and they went through restarting with me over the phone and it did go further each time and eventually restarted but then packed up again about a week after tried the same process but not worked again. I have looked on their website but I am not very technical could anyone have a look for me please at link below to see if makes sense its not the exact same model but may be similar problem? http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/genericDocument?lc=en&cc=us&docname=bph01004
  21. Thanks for reply I have got the model no now HP pavilion n5261. It beeps 4 times and restarts I have looked on hp site but cant find details of what the problem is to this laptop. Can find beep problems on others but not sure if the same?
  22. my mom bought a HP laptop second hand and it worked a few times then packed up. It starts to beep really loud whilst trying to start up. When it did it originally, I took battery off and kept starting up and eventually it worked it got further each time started up. Once it completed start up normally it worked fine for about a week and restarted with same problem. I think battery thing was possibly coinsidence tried alsorts battery only power only and both but no joy. Anyone any ideas if not where could I take it for a quote for her where won't be ripped off? Can get model details later if this helps? Please ignore the poll above this is first time I have used forum and not sure how to delete yet sorry please reply to problem with laptop thanks.
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