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  1. Do they allow you to view your medical record online? Using - https://www.patientaccess.com/ They say it depends on the specific surgery if they allow it or not. Tried emailing surgery but no reply.
  2. I'm trying to find which is best opticians to go to as i haven't had an eye test in like 10 years. Boots and Specsavers seem like the most popular choices but there is also an opticians just down the road. Only reason i can think of to go to the big high street stores is because they may have better equipment. Anyone had a few eye tests recently and at different opticians?
  3. Thanks for the replies, managed to book an appointment but is a 3 weeks wait, i can always ring for emergency if it gets worse during that time, anyone here booked recently with Charles Clifford?
  4. So last Sunday i started to get a toothache in evenings and this continued for five days until Thursday, now i only get the slight ache every now and then, have been taking paracetamol's as well. I don't actually need and emergency appointment but the most of my nearest dentists have a long wait, i am sure i have tooth decay and would like to get it sorted sooner rather than later, anyone else been in this situation? If i waited a month or two to register with a dentist, can my teeth get worse during that time? just don't want the dentist to say that i ended up leaving it too long. ---------- Post added 23-08-2015 at 17:38 ---------- Can someone move this to news and discussion? maybe i will get a reply there.
  5. I usually get water trapped in my ear after showering or swimming, this is quite annoying and i would like to know a quick solution. Would an empty bulb syringe or ear syringe work? or do i have to buy a hair dyer? Anyone got any ideas? empty syringe maybe?
  6. I think if you check the ebay website it should tell you
  7. yea i would ask them to refund the cost
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