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  1. Sorry to bump a month-old thread, but I'm late seeing it. I'm also on Mosborough with Origin (via Talktalk) and my speeds have been doing exactly the same thing - and still aren't any better. In the mornings I often get my full 50Mbps, but in the evenings it jumps around between 100kbps and 1Mbps. Downloads take an absolute age, and streaming anything is simply not an option. Origin said that Openreach had told them there were congestion issues at the exchange, but then the next update was that basically Openreach had then refused to give them a meaningful update or ETA on a fix. Origin have offered to let me go before my contract is up at no cost to me, but I'm looking at moving house in the next 6-9 months so I can't really think of anyone I could move to except BT, as I can't guarantee anyone else would have service in my new location. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, basically. Wonder if the OP has had any better results than me?
  2. Can anyone suggest a place in Sheffield (or at a push, Chesterfield, Rotherham or Doncaster) that holds baby swim sessions that are NOT lessons? I'm just looking for somewhere to take my little girl (5 month old) where the water will be nice and warm for her for a relaxed introduction. Lessons can wait, I just want her to be comfortable getting into a pool first (and to share the experience). I'll be looking to make this trip over the Christmas break, so if a place only holds these sessions in term time that won't be any use. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  3. Aged 9, had some wine with Christmas dinner at home. Can't remember the first time I legally drank in a pub, probably the first Friday after my 18th. That'll have been somewhere in Newcastle, where I was living at the time.
  4. You weren't listening hard enough. There were people who thought him useless long before the credit crunch. I've thought he was useless since about 2004/05 since it was already becoming evident that he didn't care about keeping a lid on the housing market.
  5. Ambitious, and admirable with it, but things like this are only going to work properly if the rest of the world is on board. Example: "[by 2025] 31% of new cars, and 14% of those on the road overall, will be electric. " How will they ensure that an average buyer can afford an electric car? Manufacturers will have to start producing electric vehicles in mainstream volumes to bring the price per unit down, because right now I would LOVE one but there's no way I could afford one.
  6. Justin, I don't agree with your statement that the bigger the vehicle, the more serious the consequences. A bike going out of control on a motorway may still cause the lorry behind it to jackknife as the driver attempts to stop before running over said bike. A pile-up can then occur as other vehicles plough into the lorry at speed (be it legal speed or otherwise). All this because the biker was going too fast and lost control.
  7. I look at it this way: If the difference in price between a new Lacetti at 38mpg and a new Skoda Fabia Greenline II at say 70mpg (manufacturer's specs say over 80 but I'll believe that when I see it) is about £3,500, then at current fuel prices you'd have saved that money back in reduced fuel costs within just a few years.
  8. Do you think the kind of men who think it's ok to commit these crimes care two hoots what any Police officer has to say?
  9. If I could lift up the first house I remember living in, and drop it down in Sheffield, then I'd do it in a heartbeat. Rarely have I seen a 3-bed mid terrace with so much storage space, and all three bedrooms being good-sized double rooms.
  10. I can't stand it either. If I was the person serving, I'd say "No, you can't get 20 Marlboro Lights. I'm paid to get them for you."
  11. This is always an issue that attracts polar opposite views and an accusation that someone who advises women to dress more modestly is saying it's their fault they are attacked. Someone is going to be attacked by this sicko - dressing a little more modestly makes it less likely that she will be the victim. This doesn't in any way make HER responsible for HIS behaviour. I liken it to advising pedestrians to make sure they check carefully before crossing the road even at a crossing. Yes, it's a driver's fault if he goes through a red light and kills a pedestrian, but that doesn't mean there's nothing the pedestrian could have done to avoid being hit.
  12. I've got a Lacetti - I quite like it but when I get my next car I'm going for a diesel for the better fuel economy. I've never had better than 38mpg out of mine.
  13. Emma, I believe I may be the only male on Sheffield Forum (or anywhere) who doesn't think/behave that way. Or at least one of a tiny minority. If I went out on a date with a woman, I wouldn't be looking for bed straight away. I'd wait a while. And not out of reluctant sensitivity of the woman's feelings, but because I wouldn't actually want to hurry it. That's not to say I couldn't be persuaded, but in general I think a simple goodnight kiss is a pretty nice end to a first date. I now await the flurry of comments from all directions about how I'm not a real man
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